Running 2018

One BIG gold star to myself

This Sunday saw me not only completing the first week of my run schedule but also starting the second week. Feeling might pleased with myself.


I’m getting faster and faster for each run, so it feels like a pace below six minutes per k is doable, all I need to do is stick with the schedule.

This week coming will be an interesting test as I have an early flight on Tuesday with a small hope that won’t be too tired in the evening for a run. Knowing me, the real goal is Wednesday morning before heading into the office. Not sure that is a more realistic goal than Tuesday eve…

For now, I’m enjoying the success this far!

Life In General

Salutation this left my PC at home and didn’t realize until I got to work Wednsday

It was one of those mornings today, it was hard  to get out of bed, there was problems with the car that I had booked for the day, the little girls at the coffee place was slow as usual and I was just lost in general.


So when I arrived to work, not my normal workplace but another one a bit further away (partly the reason for the car), and opened my backpack to relazie that the compartment for the computer was empty, I just wanted to go back home and hide beneath my covers.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the choice and positive thinking, I got good practice of the road to drive bweteen my home and this workplace, it will happen again.

I also have an interesting afternoon coming up today, so I will survive today as well.



Birthday Season

Birthday season part 2

A friend I got to know while studying philosophy in Lund, has now moved to Gotham and as she couldn’t make it to the birthday dinner I dragged her with for hockey on Thursday.

A game that I almost missed because some genius decided that calling the police saying there’s a bomb on a train was a good idea. Seriously, trainjinx deluxe as my friend said.

Well, I made it and I even remembered my hockey jersey, no picture, and Sweden won of the Czech with 5 to 2. Score!!!

Birthday Season

The birthday season began….

…last Saturday with the yearly dinner when friends and this year family, come from near and far to meet up and hang. For some it’s the one time of year we manage to meet.

We started at my place because I wanted to show of my new kitchen and balcony. The balcony didn’t manage to be done yet so the place was a bit off a mess, we made due though.

We then moved to La Roche for dinner, a beautiful little Tapas place in the center of Malmö. It’s real cosy and usually have better service than we got this time around. I also seem to be a bit out of the ‘I need to take pictures for the blog’ thing. Sorbet and Irish coffee is all you get.

The friends are getting old and with babies so most left after dinner. Sis and I moved on to beer and whiskey at my local hangout 

Before ending the night on town with Redbull Vodka. Felt fab the day after, I tell ya.

As an extra bday celebration bonus, I got to spend almost the whole day after with my big sis, fantabolus! 


2017-01 How to fall in love with a man that lives in a bush

I’m sorry but I don’t think there’s an English version of this book yet, damn it’s good. Written by Emmy Abrahamson and a decent 218 pages long, it took me about an hour to plough through wishing it was longer.

Meeting a man that lives in a bush, how to you even go about it? How many of us would stay and talk to him? This is a book that question what we think is important, what requires for that other person to be good enough.

For you that can read Swedish I highly recommend it, for you that don’t, fingers crossed they translate it.

Good start to the reading year of 2017 (the cheesy romance books I find for free and download doesn’t count, if they did I would add a 0 after the 1 in the title of this post)

A post a day

Just an ordinary Monday

So I figured I would do a post a day this week, so you guys could see what my life really look like in between the post of me going away somewhere or just doing not so ordinary stuff.

So I woke up, watered my plants that almost died while I was away this weekend.


Made my smoothie.


Biked to work (no pics of that one, one of the few things I keep private).

Went for fancy coffee downstairs with my colleague.

[Forgot my camera, my colleague took a pic that he didn’t send to me so use your imagination]

Worked, or pretended to work for a bit, then we went for lunch.

Pretended to work for a bit more then went to a secret location before picking up my new gym card, whoop whoop I’m gonna get fit.

Went for dinner at my fav burger restaurant.


Came home and found my neighbours planting away in the garden.

[Can’t post pictures because I didn’t ask for their permission].

Sat down on the couch and the an old friend from Gotham called, she is in town so lets met up. Of course I always drink bubbly on a Monday night…not.


Ok, so the day might not have been the most average one. Lets try again tomorrow…it might just happen to be a normal Tuesday.

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Away, away

I’m very lucky in my job that I have the option to work from home, I utilized that possibility this week by heading to the summer-house Thursday after (it was supposed to be Wednesday night but the big Boss from HQ wanted a meeting on Thursday, can’t really say no because I’m going to the countryside).

A day less doesn’t really matter as I still get the full effect of shoulders down and family time. And seriously I’m so much more efficient when there’s no coffee machine to gossip over and colleagues to chat away with. So I missed one of dinners like these…


Friday eve after the computer is turned of, you can go blueberry picking with the nieces.


Then the weekend comes and no more work, instead you can do touristy stuff with the fam.

It was too chilly for being mid-July so I took it upon myself to start a small fire, a controlled fire that is. Cosy evening in the countryside coming up!


No matter how much time I have in the summer-house, it always passes real swift and Sunday came in a blink of an eye. Somehow I ended up with lawn moving duty. Not sure I should be allowed to handle machines like this, and I promise that I didn’t spill any of the gas on the ground. Really, really promise.


Then all of a sudden I found myself on the train home. Feeling much relaxed and ready for work the train gods where very kind to me, everything went so smoothly I feel I should be worried. If one jinx doesn’t kick in, I always feel like another one is coming and lately it has been more of a #trainjinxturnedplanejinx rather than just a #trainjinx. Lucky me I don’t have any flights booked until August.

Now it’s time to go to bed, way past midnight and someone has to go to work tomorrow.