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Nap time

Up and about early this morn, I dragged my travel companion to IHOP for some proper brekkie. Knowing his need for walking, walking and more walking, I knew I needed it.

Once brekkie was done we started our trek towards the strip. You see, we are staying in a big hotel with a view and a casino, a cheap big hotel with a casino. That mean we live in downtown Las Vegas rather than right smack in the middle and with a 30 minute (might have been more) walk to get there.

We do live next door to an Elvis chapel though.

So now I’ve seen all the important casinos.

Hells kitchen.

I’ve tried some local brews.

Accidentally had lunch at Markie Mark’s restaurant.

Then a long walk back (while Mr Grumpy II kept walking to find some Las Vegas sign) in scorching heat. Sometimes taking the time to figure out the buss or jump into a taxi might be worth it, especially if it’s 40 degrees outside. The heat in combination with lack of sleep made me a very unhappy camper. After a long cold shower it was totally nap time.

Had a couple of lovely hours sleeping this afternoon. Always good to get your energy back so you can enjoy the pool bar and gambling without passing out.

A bit before midnight, and not much broker than before the casino, it’s now time for bed. Tomorrow it’s time for the helicopter, probably what I’ve been looking forward to the most with this trip.

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Super bowl

I have never been a big fan of American football, it’s like rugby for weaklings with all that padding, however today I will watch a full game. One of my friends are apparently a big 49ers fan and that is one of the teams playing tonight so as the good friend I am, I will support them as well.

I have been to the store to stock up on grizzly american beers;


While there I managed to place some bets as well, nothing better than some gambling on our Lord’s day of rest;


I also have learned some interesting facts today, like that the coaches of the two teams that are playing tonight, are actually brothers – pretty cool, right?

Fingers crossed that the 49ers win so I can get my 60kr back 🙂