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#3 2018 A rainy day

Sitting in the café yesterday I started feeling homesick and decided to flag the hockey and join my home instead. Today I kind of regret it because it turned out to be an awesome game, still it was pretty awesome to just be home as well. Unpacking some of the Christmas shopping and presents.

I did stay up and watched the little Swedes in the world cup, not the most relaxing game I have to say, still they won and the next game is an early one so I don’t need another half day at work. Because that’s what I’m doing today, not being 20 anymore makes it though to stay up until the early hours and then jump out of bed fresh as a bird in the morning.

With the depressing weather today, I wish I could’ve stayed in bed all day, so I’ll just keep my head down, get the work done and then head back home to crawl right back in it.

I did have an idea about going for a run today, all I can say is “forget it!!!!”, no one goes running in Swedish January rain.

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Road trippin

The trip home is on-going, after a week in Gotham it’s going to be nice to come home, except for the fact that there was an after party in my apartment the night before I left. What’s also nice is that I don’t have to train it home as mother dearest is coming with, which mean I’m in the car, whoop! Whoop!
Before leaving Gotham I did get to go to a hockey game, they didn’t win, still liked it though!

Since my sisters mother-in-law is also in the car, I’m sitting in the back entertaining myself with reading the comments about today’s big news in Swedish politics. The reelection that wasn’t announced yet has been cancelled since our politicians finally found their senses. I’m also playing with my phone, how about a car selfie?



Or maybe some snow (finally!!!!)





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The life of a student

I have been whining a bit about today’s class as some genius scheduled it for 12 midday. This kind of ruins the day for me when it comes to working as the few hours in the morning or afternoon aren’t worth going in, starting up the computer and hitting my tasks since when all that is done it’s pretty much time to leave again. However there’s nothing to do about it, so I had a lay-in before making coffee and hitting the books with the radio on in the background, that’s when I found out! Today’s hockey quarterfinal wasn’t tonight it was this morning! The joy!


Thus I had the pleasure of watching Sweden beat Slovakia 5 to nothing, easily making their way into the semifinal, this while trying to study at the same time (guess how well that went!). Rounding of this lovely morning in the life of a student, I ate like one;


Pasta straight out of the pot!

Thank you, who ever planned the schedule, much appreciated! I’m on my way to class now, might be a tad bit late though, sorry but had to see the end of the game!

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