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The Swedish goddess go cupboard diving

This week I worked a whooping 35 hours, the closest I have been to normal working for a very long time, it feels real good and I’m feeling a bit like myself. The only think is the scatter brain and the lack of energy to go grocery shopping. So tonight I went through the cupboards, fridge and freezer and actually came up with a real nice meal.

Starting with the vegetables I bought for the non-dinner the other day (you know when I went for coffee and came home without);

VeggiesThen there was half a chicken, cooked and ready to be defrosted that I found in the freezer;

ChickenFor some reason I also had real cheese cravings, and the only cheese I had at home was the sliced one that I bought for my toasties, but what the heck; cheese is cheese!

CheeseAdd it all together in a bowl;

In da bowlAdd some pasta, olive oil, salt and pepper and you have yourself and awesome chicken salad;

ReadyMy freezer is getting a bit empty now and the magical meals are getting less and less magical, everything gets a tad bit more magical when you partake some of this with it though;

Friday eveningNow it’s time to rest, I have a real busy weekend planned with loads of time with good friends and a little time with family. Hope you all have an awesome weekend as well.

Over and out from the Swedish Goddess!