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That’s what you get for being a grown-up

Today was travel day and as per usual I’m so freaked out about sleeping in and missing my flight that I can’t fall asleep. I have never missed a flight for work and my brain and body should know that by now so it shouldn’t be a problem, still it was and around three this morning I finally pretty much passed out.

Since I did get around (well, I had the time to) to set the coffee maker last night, thus I woke up before my alarm this morning. Guessing it was mostly because I wasn’t sleeping that hard and the moment the coffee smell hit my nose I was awake.


Last time I was out flying my feet got so swollen that they hurt like hell in my grown-up shoes, so this time around I wore my new compression socks, hoping that they would take the edge off…yeah, no! We’ll see though as I ordered several different types hoping that at least one or two pair will do it for me.


To be honest here, the whole thing would be easier if I could just bring a second pair of not so grown-up shoes. It’s just that I rather bring the backpack than the rolling bag as it is less of a hassle on the flight, train and walk. Yes, I have real proper problems most of the time.

Well, this time I had company on the trip which was nice since of course the flight was delayed. Thinking that I might add time spent on delayed flights to the train count, to see how much time of my life I really waste (and after waiting for the bus in the freezing cold yesterday, maybe that as well). Instead of floating around the airport without a plan, we sat down for coffee and pastry 🙂


Whit a delayed flight (that had an already pushed departure time) we made it in time for lunch and half the day gone. I’m still working hard on catching up on the emails that piled up from last week when I was home sick, so having to stop for a meeting wasn’t the thing I really wanted to do.

By the end of that meeting, it was time to pull the brakes on an already long day so we packed up and went for dinner. At that time there was plans for going back to the hotel room after dinner to get back into those mails.

We ended up going to this mexican place with fantastic margaritas and at that point I decided that the mails can wait. Burrito and strawberry margarita, not bad for a Tuesday eve. All other problems (other than that my feet hurt like hell) are suddenly very, very far away.


10 pm suddenly felt like midnight, and I’m now cuddled up in the hotel bed with the possibility of some proper sleep coming on. I’m dead tired and I can sleep until 8 tomorrow…fingers crossed for some good times. If I fall asleep early I can use the morning for those mails, if I don’t, at least I get to sleep in without worrying about missing a plane…

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Food, food and more food

One of the first things that goes when the mood goes is my appetite, thus a day like today makes me see the light…

I had my monthly date with my replacement who’s an awesome person, (and not saying this because I know she reads the blog at times, I really wish that I could’ve worked together with her rather than she replacing me and she’s becoming a good friend as well…) and we hit a place called Rosegarden which is all you can eat for a fair penny.

How about some sushi…

IMG_20180104_113538.jpgSome soup with boil your own noodles and put what you want in it (beware of the chili, it’s chili-like)…


Any why not top it off with some other yum stuff…

IMG_20180104_115917.jpgAnd oh my god, they have an ice cream machine…next time I might just go there only for the ice cream!!

IMG_20180104_121202.jpgAnd that was only my lunch.

After that I went back to work, and hear this, actually worked. It’s been a bit slow for me for a while, which doesn’t suit my personality what so ever so it’s nice that it’s starting to pick back up. Good for my mood and all that jazz…

Then I lured Mr Grumpy II out of hiding to break my not chosen white month.

What happened is that the corner bar is closed for renovation and loads of people around me are doing the new year, new habits thing. So no after work chill, unless you lure them with comments like; “mind watching me drink a glass of wine at xxx bar”. It worked 🙂

IMG_20180104_172951.jpgI know it’s good for the Debbie Downer to not indulge in alcoholic brevages so I’m not complaining really. It’s nice to have a wind down after work though.

Then going home being to lazy to cook I ordered in some more, can you guess? Yes!! Food…

Do like my mexican, and happy that I’m with an appetite. Thinking that I let my work situation rule to much of my emotional world though. If work is good, I’m good, if work isn’t, I’m not. Think that something that needs to change.


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The festival is in town

Once a year the Malmö festival is on, I usually stay away from it. However, as one of my lovely friends pointed out: a woman gotta eat.

So I figured we would go to the square where all the food stalls and pick one, eat dinner and then head back to my couch…yeah right.

This year they have tasting portions so we started with Korean food.

Then we headed for Peruvian, unfortunately it tasted as bad as it looks.

While eating the Peruvian food we sat next to a lady eating Mexican which looked fantabolus so we headed there…

Then we kind of figured it was time for dessert, or maybe not! My favorite sandwich place, Scandwich, had their own stall and their carrot sandwich was to die for!

I then passed on dessert. Perfect way of spending an eve with someone you haven’t seen for a while and need to catch up with. Food and talk, let’s do it again soon.

Now I’m finally back on my couch after a long day…

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Mexican evening with the colleagues

Miss Deutchland and me know each other through work, and she informed her team that I was coming for a visit this weekend, it appeared that a whole bunch of them wanted to meet and hang out! *feeling popular*.
So after coming home from the beach, having washed the sunblock and the sweat from lying in the sun, off, we headed again to the city center. Starting the evening of with coronas and nachos while waiting for the peeps that spent the day in the office.



It appeared that the place we sat down at made some pretty awesome cocktails of different sizes and of course I had to try them out, starting with a Mango mojito;


Moving on to a chili cocktail;


That was so yummy that I just had to get the larger version;


The slight burn from the chili’s in the drink was awesome and it felt like my body got a proper cleansing (probably would’ve been better without the alcohol to get a proper cleanse, but whatever). There was also a free shot from the restaurant, however I was to busy drinking it rather than taking a picture.
With a whole cocktail drinking table I can tell you that the poor guy that came to sort out the bill with us had a though time, I mean 7 cocktail drinking people who need to remember what they had…
This evening I also got to try out Essens amazing public transportation by night, but not before a quick stop at McD, meet my new friend Hans;


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It’s funny the way life works

So, Wednesday morning I complain about how nine to five my life has become, totally forgotten the plans made for Wednesday night. My new collegue at work is an healthy addition to my life, even to my budget both in regards of money or time might be tight, she wants to do and see things.
Tonight she had signed us up for a MeetUp dinner, people that I did the park orienteering with this summer, so I got the pleasure of meeting some of them again. That together with a cheap dinner and the chill morning was good for the soul.

The menu

The food

The beer

And I tried cactus for the first time of my life.

Just what this girl needed. Then she got a healthy dose of the best neighbor in the world to finish of the night. Will be tired tomorrow, but it’s worth it!

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A cold evening in Gotham City

Last weekend I was at Tivoli in Copenhagen, this weekend I was at Gotham City’s Tivoli – Liseberg. Unfortunately Gotham was showing its usual self tonight i.e. it was raining which kind of killed the mood a bit, it was still a nice evening together with mother dearest.

The rain pretty much started when we got there so we decided to start with the indoor shopping area.Shopping-horzThere wasn’t that much upstairs (I did manage to buy ½ christmas present though) so we decided to move back down and brave the rain. Almost the first thing that caught my eye was these little buggers;DonutsThey were yum, however they only helped kick starting my appetite so after a visit to the Christmas bookstore/cafe/Christmas foods in the old-fashioned way, we made a pit stop. And as the Christmas lover that I am, I thought that some proper Christmas food were in place!DinnerYeah right, I forgot, I’m not a christmas fan so some good old-fashioned junk food in the form of some corn chips, mince and Mexican like sauces did it for me! Then we moved on to more Christmassy things like;



An icy world
The world

Ice skaters
Iceskate rink

To not break the tradition from last week, I of course needed an Irish coffee, while my mother settled for some Glögg (a drink that I have never managed to like even though it’s kind of required for Swedish Christmas celebrations).Irish coffee vs Glögg

With strength of a tad alcohol we moved towards the gambling hall and executed, as per tradition, a horse-race. I came second in the whole race (there are up to 12 players in each round), my mother didn’t come first – I won! I won! I won! Hahahaha, love it!Horse raceAll in all it was a nice evening thus it saddens me that I have to say this – Tivoli won the competition for the coziest christmas amusement park. Liseberg won the shopping competition, I managed to find myself and early Christmas present!Pressie for meWhile waiting for the tram to take us home again, this was our beautiful view;From the outside

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I really wonder what Mozart would have thought!?!

The day continued without rain and with some sculpture hunting, apparently there are 23 of these around Stavanger, we spotted three, I only have pictures of two as the third was in a kids playground and it feels weird to put pictures of a whole bunch of kids on the blog.



When we had finished our coffee (it’s hard to leave a cafe with awesome free WiFi when you are an internet addict) we walked over to the cathedral for some spiritual touristy stuff.image

A habit that my mother has gotten me into, light a candle for the people who are no longer with us. Also a practical way to get rid of annoying Norwegian coins, just put them in a box and get some good karma.image



The cathedral didn’t take that long, and we moved further in the large city of Stavanger, and towards the theater were we accidentally bought tickets for a Mozart show, the poster said that the music was more pop and rock, sounded so interesting that we just couldn’t resist. It’s also a nice way to spend an evening, sitting in a theater.

We also walked past this interesting bridge, it was marked on the map that we had, so it’s probably something amazing with it.



In one of the burial grounds, they have this memorial stone over four british soldiers that died during the WW II, something that is forever present here on the west coast of Norway, something completely different from home. It also make me wonder why we haven’t studied some things in school – I might have missed the class, just can’t remember learning that much about what Sweden really did during this war…


After we were all walked out, it was finally beer o’clock, we stopped at one of the bars with outdoor service and the most awesome heaters ever, under the table sure to keep your legs warm!image

First I tried a local beer, didn’t taste that good really…image

…so I tried this one instead! Much better, still thinking that the beer I had in Flåm on Monday night has been the best one this far.


Beer o’clock moved into food o’clock and a Mexican restaurant just two doors down from where we stopped for beer. Below you can see the most expensive Strawberry Margarita I have ever had, it was pretty good, not sure it was worth ALL that money (no, I wont tell you how much) that I had to spend on it.image


And now to the highlight of the evening, Teaterkonsert Mozart. To be honest, I do not know how to explain this. It was nothing like we expected, at all! I don’t think it is possible to expect anything like it. My question is if who ever came up with this was high on pot or acid, it has to be something as otherwise it would be impossible.

Just the fact that before the second act started they walked around handing out rain coats for the people sitting in the first row (you can kind of see one of the ladies put one on it the photo below) – there was plenty of water involved. And birds, kind of! And clay! Interesting lyrics that made sense but still not. Creepy people! Emotional people!

I think that by the end of the day, this play/musical based on Mozart’s music become what you want or need it to be depending on what kind of mood you are in when you see it. One thing I can say is that if you have the chance, then see it.

And to be hones, Mozart is probably turning in his grave every night they get on stage and perform this piece.