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Feeling mighty pleased with myself :)

Ok, so the one post a day last week didn’t work out, I was to busy with the end of the World Cup and beer…which brought me to a Monday where I kept telling myself that I’m not 25 anymore. Need to remember that more often.

I also managed only one run last week, better than none and it started the running again. I managed yet another lunch-run today. So yes, I feel mighty pleased with myself.


In addition, after what feels like forever with heat, there was rain today. While I was running, it was just drizzling a bit so not too bad running weather. It cooled me off enough for generating a want of soup lunch.


I need to improve my knowledge about my stove, that can’t be counted as new anymore since it’s been a while since the grand kitchen renovation. It has some kind of lock mechanism that I don’t always realize how it activates, and since it happens so seldom it always take me a while to figure out how to unlock the damn thing. Not great when you are on a time schedule and need to get back to work.

Well, all good that ends well. Fingers crossed that get of my butt on Thursday for another run (and that Runkeeper is kinder to me then and stop cutting out).

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Happy free coffee Monday

Hi there world. It’s Monday again and after a weekend that went up and down like a rolloercoaster, free coffee is that shit!

Saturday saw fancy Hockey (fancy as in fancy seats with food and drinks) where Malmö won, whoop, whoop.

I also won some money on the lottery, not much at all, winning is fine anyhow. Then I found out that a pretty decent person passed away. One of those people that is more of an aquaintance than a friend, that everytime you met asked you the right questions to make you feel seen and interesting. Sad.
Sunday saw my lacy ass not doing much at all. One need days like that as well, at least me, as many weekends as I possibly can. I also tried to stay up for the Oscars, however I’m getting old as I didn’t even managed to stay awake until the famous people started to walk the red carpet.

So to this Happy free coffee Monday. One would think that after such a chill weeken I would wake well rested. Not. At. All! That’s when the free coffee is so fantastic, it gives you a little bit of a kick-start, so that you can go to work and pretend that you are working.

Peace out ma peeps!

(and, yes this post is an attempt at getting back into the blogging, I miss it, it’s just that I haven’t had the energy for it, and I want that energy back, so lets see if I can post at least once a day for this week).

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You know it’s Monday when…

– The night before you get it in your head that class the next morning is at ten, so no problem you can watch NCIS, and the Closer, and Criminal Minds; all your late night favorites.

– You wake up super tired just to realize that you forgot to buy coffee while at the grocery store the day before

– You thought you would have time to sort out your lunch this morning, you don’t because your class starts at eight, whole weeks meal schedule is suddenly on the rocks.

– You make it half-way to the train station before you realize that your wallet is still at home, and you have no coffee or cigarettes.

– You miss your train since you had to go home and get your wallet

– The train stops at random stop signals all the way to your stop, making you even later than you already were.

– You are trying to take a picture for this post and it just doesn’t work.

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In my hurry to get ready for work this morning, the thought of lunch did not cross my mind what so ever. Thus when lunch time came I had to go get myself some food, though job but it had to be done! So with a borrowed umbrella I headed to the local shopping center where they have a small food court (my Italian colleague showed it to me last week) with Thai, salads, pizza and of course sushi.

In the past my experiences of Malmö sushi haven’t been that great, I generally find it overpriced and not that good. Today was different! The price was fair, they didn’t charge Mr extra for only wanting salmon and the miso soup was to die for, the little I got.

I managed to spill more than half of the soup all over the table, typical Monday stuff! But it was yum, all of it, I would def go back there.

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Something I didn’t write on my seven list for this week, but something I want to do is post at least one post a day. I miss the blog you see, and it’s no fun at all to be too tired to finish a post – I have several drafts that have been started but never completed 😦

This morning I’m finding myself on another early morning train;


After what I found was a less than satisfactory result on my Saturday activities I decided to drown my sorrows on the other side of the bridge. For some reason, on dark Sunday night’s, postponing the trip home to Monday morning always seem like a good idea – never so on Monday morning when I have to get up at 7 am to make it to work or class. Thank god for coffee!


This morning it’s work, I got three days of nine to five work ahead of me, really looking forward to that as I believe it will give me some routine that can help me sleep. It might even make me feel normal, because I have to admit that I’m over this studying thing and would kill for a full-time job.

Silly really, much always want more!

Now I’ll enjoy the rest of ny train ride in the company of a good companion;


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A good start to the week

Monday mornings are usually tough, at least when you are working and have to drag yourself out of that cosy bed to start another working week. For me, this Monday was good, I woke up before the alarm so I could with good conscience lie in bed, listen to the radio and just enjoy the opportunity of slowly waking up to a new day. I also managed to sit down for breakfast before getting ready for my class.


The coffee was made straight into my thermo mug and brought with me to class.

I really enjoy the class and it make me feel ready to start studying again, and if you haven’t figured it out yet I’m counting down the days until the fall semester start and I can start studying for real (even if the whole money issue haven’t been resolved yet).

At the moment I’m enjoying my couch trying to not feel too sorry for myself because I have a very sore throat, something I belive I have because last week I mentioned to my mum that I pretty much haven’t been sick since I stopped working. Instant Karma, or spending time with my nieces, either one. The classes in school have kick-started my brain a bit and I’m now trying to think out another project for me to throw myself into, it’s been a bit slow with those here on the blog lately.

I have a couple of ideas, lets see what happens with them!

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The day I think I gave up (aka day 6 of 30)

Do not ask me what happened to this Monday, because I don’t really know! Nothing would be my guess. The day started in the worst possible way with yet another “Thank you for your application, we have moved on with another applicant mail”, and after that I was not in the mood for anything. This unemployment is really getting to me, and a day like this is when I really should be sticking to my 7 things for 30 days mission, it’s also days like this that is the worst.

Thus, nothing got done, except for a small excursion in the evening meeting up with a friend, totally blowing my budget on a running sushi session.

Oh well! Life goes on!