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Day 1 of da 7ns

I started with a bang and a whoop whoop, like always when I start something new. I always have to remind myself that it’s more like a marathon rather than a sprint and I should pace myself in the beginning.

That being said, I jumped out of bed when the first of three alarms went of. Poured my coffee as I remembered to get it ready last night, packed and made my train with 5 minutes to spare.

What I don’t get is how I manage to pack the same amount of stuff for a day as when I pack for a week…

The only damper on my parade is that I have to finish the coffee before the security check, damn i miss the old days sometimes.

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Why do I do this to myself Monday 

My boss is nice enough to send me on a course, Procurement Law. It’s a two day course, Monday to Tuesday, and takes place in the Capitol. When you sit at work to book your flights you never find traveling a Sunday night a good idea. Of course not! Why would traveling an evening, arriving so that you can spend a quiet night in a hotel, waking up nice and rested on Monday ready to take on the day, be a good idea? Of course it’s much better to have to set your alarm for 4:45 to get into a taxi to the airport and then fly north, arriving to your course tired and cranky because someone figured bringing a small cranky child on a morning flight would be a great thing to do. 

Then, as I’m not morning person to start out with  there’s a few things I should’ve thought about last night (even though or especially since, my traumatic day);

  1. When it’s closing in on midnight and you’re still not sleepy, maybe setting a second alarm could be a nice idea 
  2. If you don’t set a second alarm, maybe closing the door to the room where your phone, the alarm, is located. Just a thought. 
  3. If going on a trip for work where the information you need is only stored on the work phone, make sure that phone is charged.
  4. If you aren’t sleepy, you could probably spend the time packing up the things you need for your two days away. You know, little things like a clean t-shirt, underwear, pills and other little things like that.

This way, when your alarm finally wakes you up and the taxi driver is calling you wondering why you aren’t outside,you don’t forget the above-mentioned things.

I managed to charge my phone a little bit at the airport (yes, still managed to make the flight) enough to power it up and quickly forward the location info to my own and very charged phone. I also think there’s charging opportunities on the train (yes, train #trainjinx) from the airport to the city. I should be fine.

And if I’m lucky, there’s a nice store close to the hotel where I can find myself some new tops and such.

Last week I don’t know where my brain was, today I blame it all on Spidy!

As a side note, when I finished the above post I went to my purse for a book to read. Of course I managed to grab a bag without a book in it. How is that even possible?!?! I did however find;

  • My makeup bag, been looking for that
  • My gym locker lock, been looking for that
  • A charger I didn’t realize that I owned 
  • Clothespin (don’t ask)

Amongst other things…

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What did I forget?

So, it’s finally here, the day with one sleep left before the trip that I’m asking myself why I’m doing…with a little help from the best neighbor on the planet I’m now packed.
Conference with work, weekend skiing and then of to Thailand, all in one bag.


So what did I forget!? There must be something…

To be continued 😉

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Procrastination anyone?

Three sleeps to conference with work, four sleeps to a ski trip with the whole family and eight sleeps to Thailand…all in one suitcase…
I need to buy a new bikini as I lost mine in Vietnam, I need to visit a pharmacy – today preferably. And I need to figure out what and how to pack. What am I doing?


Drinking coffee and reading redicolous discussions on Facebook about parents that call the school and say their kids are sick because the school said no for time off for a vacation.

The master of procrastination is in da house!!!

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I packed like a girl!

The aim for today’s travel easy to pack as little as possible, however I’m travelling to two different cities with differences in climate,  and I’m attending a wedding, thus I packed too much! There are some space left for shopping even though travelling on a student budget means that not that much shopping can be done.

wpid-shot_1412144856182.jpgIt’s amazing how much easier it is to get up in the morning when you are going on vacation rather than to school and work, household chores also happen with a much greater speed than usual. So I manged to get up when the alarm went of, finish my packing and dishes and still be out of the house in time to make an earlier train.

The trip over to Copenhagen went smooth, so did check-in and security, so without stress I could get some breakfast and my second favorite magazine, that happens to be danish and something I treat myself to when I’m visiting.wpid-shot_1412148015332.jpgwpid-shot_1412148553802.jpgI now have a 17 hour trip ahead of me, the things one do to save some money on the flight. I also have a cold, which ain’t fun at all, fingers crossed my eardrum doesn’t feel like bursting today. All in all, can’t say I’m too unhappy about leaving this weather  behind. wpid-shot_1412146843041.jpgwpid-shot_1412147969807.jpg

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Crazy Friday!

After a couple of intense weeks with school starting again, trying to cover two weeks of vacation in October with hours at work now, as well as getting to know and hanging out with neighbors and new colleagues, it was finally Friday! Yey! Or maybe not.

As I’m rushing around my apartment trying to find everything I need for a weekend in Gotham, there was something missing!  The smell of coffee!  For some reason the coffee maker refused to make coffee, no matter what I tried there was no coffee pouring down in the pot for me to make.
Oh well, I had to give up on it and get my ass to class where the studybuddy let me taste some of her coffee!


After the required public service announcement I headed to the station to finally get myself a coffee and a sandwich that would last me all the way to Gotham. This is when I realized that the VISA that I put in the pocket of my jeans the night before, was still in the pocket of my jeans, those jeans not being the same as the ones I was wearing!

Fantabolous! As a person that like using my card to pay for stuff, I very seldom have cash on hand, at least this time I had enough for a small coffee and a small sandwich.


At least I made it to Gotham two minutes ahead of time!

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The night before total whack day!

Despite the non-existing train this morning, I made it to my destination, which happened to be the summerhouse. Even though I love going here for no reason what so ever, this time I have one; it’s biking time!

Yes, for the third year in a row I will be heading out on a 100k bike ride tomorrow!  Today was spent with some preparations like picking up our numbers,


Eating healthy,


Packing the bag with the necessities for tomorrow,


And of course, laying out the uniform, the same outfit will be used for the third year in a row, so if you see pictures of me tomorrow and think that you’ve seen them before, no it’s not reused pictures from previous years.


The rest of the evening will be spent watching TV just chillin with the family and as soon as the children are asleep there should be some Frost shown.

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