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And they walked some more

Guess how we started the day? Yes, eating hotel brekkie for the sole reason of me annoying someone on social media.

I kind of dig the tables in the brekkie room at this hotel;

After breakfast we started walking towards the Vatican.

The Vatican is one of those places with too much people, too many people trying to sell stuff and lines that never ends…we didn’t stay to long, only to take some pictures and being able to say we have been there.

Stopping for lunch eating some pasta, even bad pasta is good in this place.

Then we walked some more before stopping for ice-cream.

When you are travelling with small people you need to go back to the hotel before dinner in the evening. Once it was time for food we headed back to an area of small roads and cute restaurants that we discovered earlier.

One last night of Italian pasta 🙂

Then we hit the sack, totally worne out. I love my sister, I really do! Still, I have 2 1/2 weeks left of my vacation and the one thing I won’t be doing is walking!!!

Peace out.

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Finally away

This trip to Rome have been planned for some time, finally it was take off day…and what a day.

There’s quite some difference between travelling by yourself and with a sister and two little people. By the time we taken the train to the airport, gone through security and bought candy for the little people I needed this more than anything.

The flight over was bumpy on the way up and down, in-between it wasn’t as bumpy as the last flights I’ve had over the past few weeks. The sunset we had was to die for, not that easy to capture in a picture though.

After a little muddle with the hotel pick-up we finally arrived at the hotel around eightish. Do you know how tired little people are at that time after such a day? Luckily the receptionist recommended a restaurant about 3 minutes walk from the hotel.

Italian food taste soooo much better in Italy than it do at home…

To die for!!!! If you ever are in Rome I can recommend this place. It’s called Campana, located on a street with the same name.

Now it’s ten pm and the little people are heading to bed wich mean that we so called grownups are doing the same…

Peace out ma peeps.

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All I do is eat 

Getting up at 7am to be somewhere at 8am is totally killing my groove. Still, I can be like a proper famous blogger and tell you that I’m working on a project that I can’t tell you anything about, and it’s totally killing my groove. I get up, end up at work, eat lunch…

Has totally fallen for this Apple and bacon salad from Salads & Smoothies (or is it the other way around?

Then I work some more, eat fruit, snacks and drink way too much coffee and not enough water (even if I try to remember by putting it in my calendar).

Today after work I went straight to the gym, and a proper blogger would’ve taken awesome toilet selfies in gym clothes instead I have a pic of the chocolate I picked up on my way home from the gym. You can see my yoga pants in the background. 

Even though I now know that my mum can handle the angry like on Facebook, this wasn’t, as I might have said, my dinner for the evening. Instead I spent hours slaving in the kitchen making fresh pasta.

Hahahah, no! I bought that in the same store as the chocolate, together with one more pack that I can have for dinner tomorrow. I miss my own home 😦

Well, 10:30pm and I’m totally hitting the sack. Another long and crazy day tomorrow with morning plans, workshop at work, afternoon plans and I believe, a great longing for vacation…

Peace out ma peeps.

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Better late than never

The flight this morning left on time and arrived on time, fantastic!


Mother met me at the airport and after dropping of my bag and drinking some coffee we headed to Motala to pick up tomorrow’s number tags. It’s the fifth year and that is written on there, cool!


We then ate a proper day before biking 100k lunch, pasta!


I might also have managed to do some shopping, there could be a new pair of shoes, a fleece jacket and a sweater that in one way or another have to fit into my small suitcase.
Arriving back to the summerhouse it was time to start making dinner to have it ready for the arrival of sister and family. Of course it’s classic Swedish fredagsmys, Tacos.


No wine or beer tonight, nothing can stand in the way between me and my five year medal.

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The Swedish Goddess – Leftover food

I got a bit over excited this week, this is supposed to be the dinner for later however I couldn’t figure out what to eat tonight so I went ahead and made it tonight now, which means one dinner and lunch for the week is already sorted. Again, we are back to my new fav cookbook, The Simple Good. For each section in the book they have tips on how to handle leftovers and this pasta gratin caught my eye. Simple, cheap and easy – perfect for a Swedish Goddess dinner.

Pretty much you take the pasta that you cooked too much of (am I the only one that always cook too much pasta?) and put it in an oven safe dish, preferably after you put loads of butter in the bottom and on the edges.

On top of that you are supposed to add a tomato sauce, and I was so sure that I had a can of crushed tomatoes in my cupboard, it turned out it was white beans (packaging looks the same) so I had to wing it a bit. I had a tomato in the fridge so I cut that up, threw in some garlic, some leak I had in the freezer and the all time magic of a carrot. Mixed it all together and added some water and it’s almost like a tomato sauce.wpid-img_20150322_231438.jpg

While doing all this I cooked up a pack of bacon to add to the mix.

The final touch is grated cheese. Then chuck it in the oven.wpid-dsc_0503.jpg

Recommendation was to serve with a green salad and since iceberg lettuce and cucumber was pretty much what I had left in the fridge, green it was.wpid-img_20150322_231311.jpg

Oh dear how good it was, this is something that’s going to be made in my home even when there isn’t any leftover pasta! Thanks again Anna and Fanny Bergenström, this time you can’t really take cred for the recipe itself as I came up with the tomato sauce and bacon, loved the idea though!

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Weekly planning three days before payday

I don’t think I’m the only person around that right now are counting down the days to payday, mine happens to be on Wednesday. I’ve had a pretty good month, including a trip to Barcelona (and the accidental purchase of an amazing little bag), thus the planning of this weeks food is done accordingly.wpid-dsc_0189.jpg

I have two dishes that I never got around to cook last week, so that is easy as the food is purchased all I need to do is cook it. Then the rest is based on what I have in the cupboard in order to minimize the shopping needed, and it’s so little that I most likely will buy them on the way home from work tomorrow rather than heading out tonight.

So, this weeks menu will be;

Monday: Pork fillet with root vegetable cake (like potato cake with some other veggies)
Tuesday: Home made fish fingers
Wednesday: Pasta gratin
Thursday: Vegetable soup

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Italian food the Italian way

I have a colleague from Italy, stuck in Sweden without family and friends, that invited me over for proper Italian food tonight. And boy was it good!

Yum pasta with a nice glass of red, and dessert, in the company of a grown-up.






Only damper on the evening was the bus that left one minute early and since I refuse to stand in the cold for 15 minutes I got a lovely 25 minute walk home. And are of course up past my bedtime again!

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