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Slowing down…

Yesterday two of my colleagues from foreign offices came for a visit and that meant dinner after work with team, oh what a chore. I wanted them to get to try something new so I brought them to Pinchos, who can resist tiny food ordered through an app?


Their Sangria is pretty fab as well.

Then there was that thing we call football! Sweden isn’t in the cup anymore, that doesn’t stop me from cheering for Croatia when my English colleague is sitting next to me being sad. Horrible me. She got even by making me in to an English fan though…


It got in kind of late so thank heaven for 7/11 this morning as I couldn’t be bothered programming my coffee and stuff last night when I came home a bit after midnight.

For some reason I had a silly idea that I would go running this morning, that didn’t happen so lets see if I can make it happen tonight.

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Because I love crying at work

Today has been the worst day since I quit smoking, I was just not able to quit crying all morning, and I don’t think the fact it is my grandfathers birthday helps either, since I can’t celebrate him in person. I try to keep the spirit up, this morning by trying a new type of coffee while walking to work. Something they call coldbrew, which is coffee brewed with cold water over night. Tasted ok-ish.


I did try for the “walk around the block” thing, didn’t really help other than the fact that it was nice to go outside- A couple of my colleagues did their best of cheering me up during quite a heavy lunch with coffee dessert.

Didn’t help that I much, the tears wouldn’t stop and at two I gave up and headed home. I’m quite grateful right now that I have flexible working hours that enables me to sneak home so I could go for a run just like that. A benefit not to be underestimated.


After the run, I did feel a little better and after working from the couch for a bit I then headed out for a date night with the sister. Fantastic!

Starting with early dinner at Pinchos before some therapy shopping (I know I said I would cut down on that kind of shopping, I think that quitting smoking allows for an exception) and then onwards to the movies. Suicide Squad – the perfect distraction.

My sister has now left me, I have turned of the TV (an hour before planned bedtime, as per an attempt to cleaner living) and I’m updating the blog waiting for the craving to pass. Once that has happened, I can hang some laundry and cuddle down in bed with a book…hoping that day five will be a better day because today really sucks.

Even though there was no crying while hanging with the sister, it’s right there waiting to get started again. I’m completely bloated, it feels like my tummy’s gonna explode of all the gases – instead they sneak out at will (so you probably don’t wanna hang out with me right now), my throat hurt. Basically, I generally feel like shit!

Quit smoking they say, you will feel better.

Quit smoking they say, you will save money.

Yeah, right!!!!