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Finally the helicopter

Wow, the blog have been too busy being on vacation that it was supposed to update. Lets see what can be done today. I left with the promise of the highlight of the trip, the planned helicopter tour.

Starting the day with brekkie of course, one of the things I miss about living in Sweden…this time we hit Denny’s rather than IHop.

Then we hit the pool, can’t stay in a hotel with two pools and not try both of them.

You can tell that some parts of my booty haven’t seen that much sun lately though, as I missed a spot with the sunblock.

After a basic taco lunch it was finally time, and I have to say, Helicopter over the Grand Canyon must be one of the coolest things I’ve done. And to all of those that worried about Mr Grumpy II, I wasn’t allowed to open the helicopter door during the trip so he’s still alive.


only thing that put a dent in the experience was not being able to rub it in daddy’s face. He would’ve been so jealous with the whole thing. And then, as we are riding back towards Boulder, one of the songs that I remember him always singing along to starts playing.

All those times we watched Good Morning Vietnam thogheter he would always start digging when What a wonderful world came on. And what can I say, sitting in the helicopter…it is a wonderful world indeed.

After returning back to our hotel, we headed up the tower attached to it in order to check out the views before a late night dinner at an Australian Steak House and a walk down the strip.

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Nap time

Up and about early this morn, I dragged my travel companion to IHOP for some proper brekkie. Knowing his need for walking, walking and more walking, I knew I needed it.

Once brekkie was done we started our trek towards the strip. You see, we are staying in a big hotel with a view and a casino, a cheap big hotel with a casino. That mean we live in downtown Las Vegas rather than right smack in the middle and with a 30 minute (might have been more) walk to get there.

We do live next door to an Elvis chapel though.

So now I’ve seen all the important casinos.

Hells kitchen.

I’ve tried some local brews.

Accidentally had lunch at Markie Mark’s restaurant.

Then a long walk back (while Mr Grumpy II kept walking to find some Las Vegas sign) in scorching heat. Sometimes taking the time to figure out the buss or jump into a taxi might be worth it, especially if it’s 40 degrees outside. The heat in combination with lack of sleep made me a very unhappy camper. After a long cold shower it was totally nap time.

Had a couple of lovely hours sleeping this afternoon. Always good to get your energy back so you can enjoy the pool bar and gambling without passing out.

A bit before midnight, and not much broker than before the casino, it’s now time for bed. Tomorrow it’s time for the helicopter, probably what I’ve been looking forward to the most with this trip.

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All spa’ed out…

Yesterday morning started with the intention of morning yoga, it was too nice to turn of the alarm and go back to sleep so instead it started with a hotel brekkie in a nice setting.


Then we hit the saunas and pools before I had my hot stone massage, a fantastic invention (as long as it’s not done in Thailand that is, a painful experience I tell you).

After the massage I walked around a bit and took some pictures for you guys…

Before leaving the Spa we enjoyed a salad (felt like the healthy option after all the saunas).

Then of course we were early to the train station, it’s either that or last-minute, so mother dearest was kind enough to have a cup of coffee with me while waiting.

For someone who spend so much time on trains as I do, it’s easy to sit down, put the music on and get your head into a book or computer. Sometimes it’s good to look up and out to be reminded of what a beautiful country I live in (the window of the train was kind of dirty though).

I had ideas about what to do when I got home, instead I hit the couch and pretty much stayed there all afternoon and evening…thus this post is written today rather than yesterday.

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After Monday there is Tuesday…

One would think that after a Monday like this one would benefit from a quieter more relaxed Tuesday, but no! The alarm was set for 5:30 am so that I could pack and get ready for a 6:48 train (still think than anything before 8am is still night). Pretty impressed with myself for making it to the station with time to buy breakfast.


I feel like I’m pushing my luck with three train trips in one week, the trainjinx is bound to kick in and as this mornings ride went without a hitch I guess is the ride home tomorrow. However, when work calls you answer…or something like that.

After a busy day in the office, where I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures we headed to our hotel for check-in and found Fika in the lobby. If you don’t know what Fika is I suggest you Google it. I only took a picture of the first round…there was three in total.


After sitting around for a bit, enjoying the cakes we changed into our running gear for an afternoon run. Sadly enough I was the one insisting on going for a run because I missed out on a medal opportunity this evening.


Running is easier when there is a reward at the end, and today that reward was hot water in a beautiful view.


Then the great finale, dinner! The perfect way of ending a very, very, very long day! Fantastic dinner.

Tomorrow will also begin earlier than usual, however with a day like this I do not doubt that crashing will happen early and sleep will be deep. Peace out ma peeps!

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And the vacation keeps going

Instead of paining you with the amazing brekkies I’ll move on to the snacks, Danish dark bread with perfect tomatoes and cheese…awesome.


Then I might have finished another book…


Since the days are kind of the same, instead of showing you the pool in daylight you get it in the evening, beautiful!


I also found out that the amazing Sushi person opened a buffet restaurant, so of course we had to try that one as well.

After buffet we headed into town to visit old friends that I go to know previous years visiting Hua Hin. One of them now have her own bar.

And then there is the rose girls.

DSC_0676I understand that buying flowers from these kids only help the trade grow, and that most of the money go somewhere else. I also understand that us buying them sodas and give them money without getting flowers doesn’t really do anything good in the end. I would love to help these kids in a way where they can go to school, and live a life where they don’t have to spend evenings and nights selling roses and other things. If anyone know about a charity or organisation that helps these kids, please let me know and I will try to sort out some donation.

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Third day and the pace is set

(The rest of Thailand with a bit delay)

You wake up in the morning and have breakfast.DSC_0638

You finish a book.DSC_0639

You hang by the pool…

You finish another book…


You go out for a fantastic dinner eating what I think one can call authentic Thai food.

Then you go for fantastic jazz music and cold beer.

What I call an excellent day!

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Just chillin

After sleeping until noon I spent the rest of the day just chillin by the pool togheter with the dog.



You who know me knows that I’m petrified of dogs, Lucky and I know each other by now though so it’s fine. She barely moves anyhow, every now and then she stops by for a cuddle.
We then actually left the house for some cold white wine (true reason for the walk was for me to get cash out) at our regular place.


There was also time for some tuk-tuk and a temple.




The rest of the evening was spent at home with my book before hitting the sack. What you call a perfect vacation day.