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I’m happy it’s vacay time!

This morning was a depressing wake-up, yes the coffee was made and the aroma was fantastic, then I looked outside. Grey, and rain, and cold, thus a good thing that vacay is coming up so I can get some heat…and rain according to the weather prognosis.

If one should focus on the positives instead, I finally got to wear my mustard colored rain jacket. I absolutely LOVE the color mustard and the jacket, I was longing for it all last year but thought it was too expensive and then came Christmas sales; half price, whoop! whoop! It has just been too cold to wear it until now.

It was Colonel Mustard
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Feeling mighty pleased with myself :)

Ok, so the one post a day last week didn’t work out, I was to busy with the end of the World Cup and beer…which brought me to a Monday where I kept telling myself that I’m not 25 anymore. Need to remember that more often.

I also managed only one run last week, better than none and it started the running again. I managed yet another lunch-run today. So yes, I feel mighty pleased with myself.


In addition, after what feels like forever with heat, there was rain today. While I was running, it was just drizzling a bit so not too bad running weather. It cooled me off enough for generating a want of soup lunch.


I need to improve my knowledge about my stove, that can’t be counted as new anymore since it’s been a while since the grand kitchen renovation. It has some kind of lock mechanism that I don’t always realize how it activates, and since it happens so seldom it always take me a while to figure out how to unlock the damn thing. Not great when you are on a time schedule and need to get back to work.

Well, all good that ends well. Fingers crossed that get of my butt on Thursday for another run (and that Runkeeper is kinder to me then and stop cutting out).

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I feel better now

After dragging my running clothes back and forth to Germany without using them, it was nice that I got around to it today.


It was a heavy run today, and of course it started raining about five minutes after I left the office.

Still it is better to have done it than not at all…yey me!

And this new set up with running during my lunch, eating lunch at home before hitting the shower and then back to work, is fantastic! I’m hoping that I will be able to keep it up.


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Thunder and lightning

The train didn’t really get stuck this morning and I made it in good time to enjoy the lounge. It’s a pretty rare occurence so I really want to have the time to enjoy it. Breakfast anyone?


The flight left on time, arrived on time and I had perfect timing to the train on the other side, fantastic. And as I got of the train the sun was shining, imagine that all my Swedish peeps, remember what that feels like?

Then it went downhill from there, at least when it came to the weather. I hadn’t been in the office for long when the first thunderstorm hit, nice to be indoors when it happened and it made for pretty pictures.


Taking the morning flight mean that there’s not that long until it’s time for lunch, and for the life of me I can’t get over the German portions…I get overwhelmed every time.


According to the run schedule today is a run day, and I had every intention to go out for a run. I was a bit worried that I would be too tired after work, however after I checked in to my hotel the booty wanted to run, then I looked outside. I’m telling you that German winter rain is worse than Swedish winter rain as again it came with a proper thunderstorm.

As I got into my book, listening to the thunder and rain outside I was real happy that I didn’t give it a go.

To round of this already long day, I went out for a former colleague to this real nice greek place. Note to one self for future restaurant visits…remember to bring your wallet!


I’ve been back at the hotel long enough to finish yet another dirty book and should really try to get some sleep. I’m hoping that the weather will magically be better tomorrow morning, and with the help of even more magic, I will want to go for a morning run.

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#3 2018 A rainy day

Sitting in the café yesterday I started feeling homesick and decided to flag the hockey and join my home instead. Today I kind of regret it because it turned out to be an awesome game, still it was pretty awesome to just be home as well. Unpacking some of the Christmas shopping and presents.

I did stay up and watched the little Swedes in the world cup, not the most relaxing game I have to say, still they won and the next game is an early one so I don’t need another half day at work. Because that’s what I’m doing today, not being 20 anymore makes it though to stay up until the early hours and then jump out of bed fresh as a bird in the morning.

With the depressing weather today, I wish I could’ve stayed in bed all day, so I’ll just keep my head down, get the work done and then head back home to crawl right back in it.

I did have an idea about going for a run today, all I can say is “forget it!!!!”, no one goes running in Swedish January rain.

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Salute this rainy and I wanna stay in bed Thursday

Every other Thursday I’m earlier out of bed than usual (will not say early because that wouldn’t be true) due to the cleaning lady’s arrival. It’s fantastic to come home at the end of those days. Until then, I have to be at work though 😦

As I walked 18.000 steps yesterday, yes I did, I have proof;


I didn’t feel like I had to walk the long(er) way to work today, so I stopped by my sweet little boys at the 7/11 for a morning coffee.


I know I should bring coffee from home, I spend way too much money on these take-aways, I’m just too lazy to make it. Silly I know! Maybe next week I’ll promise myself that I will bring coffee every day? But hey, we all know what kind of discipline I have with that!

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A couple of weeks ago my cousin turned 18 and now it was time to celebrate. She wanted a fancy dress party so I put on a fancy dress and my sister sorted my hair.

With a summer feel, me and the sister went looking for the Rosé wine, there was none so we realized that if we wanted some action was needed. Thus, we made our own;

The plan was then for dinner outside and I managed to load my plate full of yum yum food before the rain came. It wasn’t lovely summer rain, the sky opened right up so we had to move inside.

The rest of the evening was spent inside with cuddle time with the nieces and good talks with the family. Birthdays are a good reason to meet.