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Warsaw to Krakow

This vacation is now having more early mornings than a normal working week for me, Wednesday saw us getting up and about to make the morning train to Krakow. The things you do on your time of. At 7:30 in the morning, I now organized a little tram chaos (you know me and transportation) so we had to get of in the middle of the road, jump on the metro for one stop before we made it to the train station with big hopes that the trainjinx would stay away.

Our tram Tram chaos

Road to the station

Breakfast was purchased in one of Poland’s own coffee shops at the station, I tried to drink my coffee straight away instead I had to spit it out and then walk around for the rest of the day with a blister in my mouth and no taste on the tip of my tongue, so much for heat control. However, about an hour later when I wanted to eat my tuna sandwich the coffee was also cold enough to drink.

Brekkie (2)

A little something that the Swedish train companies can learn from, was the sweet little lady that walked through the train handing out free coffee, tea or water. I opted for a bottle of water, and was given a chocolate wafer with it. Customer service in a nutshell. The ride down would have been perfect if it hadn’t been for the fact that we were in the kids cart where they had an area for kids to play in. Something some kids took advantage of for most of the three hour ride, lucky me I slept for most of it (and seriously if that was the worst the polish train gods can throw at me, they have nothing on the Swedish ones).

Free water and cracker

Arriving in Krakow we set out on the about fifteen minute long hike to our hotel hoping to be able to check in early, and for the second hotel in a row, that was easily sorted. Then it was lunch time again (gotta love the vacation eating) and we decided for yet another touristy square. I chose a Cesar Salad with my beer and the first glance it’s the smallest Cesar Salad ever, one should never judge a book by it’s cover though as it turned out to be a pretty deep hole in the middle of the plate.

Lunchtime view Lunch BeerWe then spent the afternoon walking around the square, checking out some stores and the likes as proper tourists.

Tower The square House on the square The square (2) Building on the square

And after several hot and sticky days something magnificent happened, the rain came! I love when that happens and you feel like you can breath again (and to be honest, I’m melting away on my couch right now waiting for the exact same thing to happen here). We hid out in a quaint little bar while waiting for the rain to pass, you guessed it, yet another vacation afternoon beer 🙂

Rain beer Painting on the wall Rain Rain (2)When the rain passed, we walked around for a bit more, saw some more old nice buildings, checked out the oldest Synagogue in Krakow in the Jewish part of town. Touristy stuff – check!

Olddest Synagogue Building (2)

We also walked past something called Svensson, and with the blue and yellow sign it just have to be Swedish so I just had to take a picture.


While walking around in the Jewish area we also found a Michelin recommended restaurant that looked real adorable, so we made a reservation for dinner later in the evening but before that I had to go back and get my standard afternoon nap, and rest my feet a bit as they were hurting big time at this point.




Come rain come sunshine

This Tuesday I were to do something that I haven’t done since I was a teenager, Orienteering! The weather was amazing the whole day while I was stuck in the office, however as time ticked closer to six o’clock and go time the grey clouds were gathering in the area were the exercise was to take place, if you looked in the opposite direction, where you also found my home, the sky was blue and sun shining. I was briefly considering to just flag the whole thing and just go home, it was just that I had been looking forward for days.

Over the past couple of years I have really started missing my old orienteering days and have been considering starting again, and just never gotten around to it. So when there was a Orienteering session planned through MeetUp, I was on. So I jumped on my bike and headed towards the clouds, and surprisingly enough I didn’t make it far before the sky opened up. Since I was to meet people I just kept biking even if it was though, we are not talking about some gentle summer rain here, nope it was a proper downpour and when I finally made it to my destination I was soaking wet.

As I was standing under cover realizing that everything was wet, my bag didn’t keep the rain out, and as I started freezing I was again in a mood to go home. Then being a bit grown-up I figured I might as well just head out, I mean I was already soaking wet so a little bit more rain didn’t matter.

Since I had gotten talking with the girl that organized the MeetUp session, we decided to head out together and it worked fine. Both of us was in it for the fun not the winning, so we ran a bit, walked a bit and talked a lot. After a small session of lightning and thunder the rain subsided and stopped completely. All in all, it turned out to be a real good evening, and it was just as much fun as I remembered it to be.

I will totally attend next week’s session, try to get some friends in the local club and come fall, if it’s still fun I will try and keep at it, maybe run a couple of races as well. That is fall though, we’ll see.

Quality of Life

You know it’s fall when…

You take a look out the window;


Then take a look at this;


And realize that these;


Now have to be replaced by these;



Phew what a day it ended up to be!

The day started in a nice way, I woke up an hour before my alarm went of so I had plenty of time to enjoy my brekky, coffee and lying on the couch reading my book, all before it was time to head out.

I thought I had given myself ample time at the train station to update the monthly pass on my card, being early first day of class is just fine as I thought I could take some pictures (big, old, beautiful, school buildings) for the blog and just sit read my book. I was wrong!

On my way to the train station it started raining, just a little, it was fine, the train station isn’t that far away, etc. I get in and see a massive amount of people gathered around the ticket office, and after forcing myself in through the doors I realize that they are all standing in line. I get my number, and am informed that it will be 32 minutes before it’s my turn, I am not happy, it’s borderline, still fine.

Then I start digging around my purse for my card and realize that it’s not there, remembering that when going to CPH I just put it in the bag, not the purse. So here I have to get on the bike and go back home, time wise it’s ok, rain wise not so ok. Now the heaven completely opens up, good thing is I can get my raincoat for the next day, and then return to the station. So, it turns out that I had totally miscounted on exactly how many students wanting to get their student passes issued today, so 30 minutes later there was still not a chance for me to meet a teller and I had to give up, pay for a ticket and go of to Lund.

Of course I am now on a much later train than was planned, it’s actually such a late train that I need to jump on a bus rather than trying to find my way walking. There was no doubt in mind that if I had known the path, the walk would have been quicker, and boy would it have! As I get out of the train, I see a bus no 4 at the bus stop, the stop that should be in the right direction according to the map on the little app I have on my phone. Wrong! apparently the bus I was supposed to get on had its stop around the corner, so here I was going in the wrong direction, having to get of the bus and then back in the other direction.

Needless to say, I was late for class, missed the important info and had to stand up because all the seats were taken, over accepting some dear university?

At least the session ended early so I didn’t also have to sneak out early to make it on time for the job interview, not so early that I had the time to wait for another full ticket office to clear for me to buy my monthly pass, so again I had to pay for a ticket. The interview, after all that ended up going pretty well. It’s not a given job, it’s the she will definitely be on the look-out for temp job for me, and she even had some current clients in mind, so fingers crossed! I’m kind of sick of not having money now.

After going home for lazy early dinner, I went back to the train station and finally got the pass sorted, being lucky getting my hands on a number someone left behind, apparently people had to wait for two hours before it was their turn, I got away with twenty minutes. They also reimbursed me for one of the tickets that I had to buy today, acceptable, I mean I could have sorted the pass out yesterday.


Keep on swimming, swimming, swimming…

The main reason for me being in Gotham this past weekend was the second part of the Göteborg Classic that me and my brother in-law signed up to. The first part, biking, was completed a few months back and a piece of cake.

Part two was swimming 1000 meters in a lake, and waking up, looking out the window was not a hit as the skies were grey and the rain kept pouring down. Not really sure why rain is such an issue when you are going swimming, I mean seriously; am I worried about getting wet?

Every good sports person know that it’s important to start the day with a good breakfast when it’s competition time, and so do I! Know that you should, I mean, it’s just that coffee is so darn good.BrekkieAnother important part when going swimming is the hat, so they hand them out to you before the race, and I have to say it was pretty cool, and I found myself very sexy in it.Hat Da sexy chick!When we reached the place for the race, I have to say that the lane looked pretty intimidating, and very long. However, one can do anything, right?The LaneThen it was time, I was already to go, ready to do this and get that awesome feeling when you reach the finish line and really accomplished something. That’s when it hit me, I have this small issue with water, not super comfortable with it and I guess that over the past few months since I signed up for this it never crossed my mind that even in a lake the water can get choppy and terrifying. Well it can and it didn’t take long before I felt the panic start rising. Since my brother in-law was swimming at the same time, he was right next to me and I told him what was happening. It felt a bit comforting hearing his voice next to me, as he informed me of the plan at that was aiming for the first floaty, and that I could hold on to him if I had to.

Seriously people, at this point it felt like the water was going to swallow me and I was so sure that I was going to drown right there and then. I tried grabbing the in-law once but didn’t feel very reassured by that so I just focused all I could on safety and the flotation string in the middle! And I made it! The panic didn’t disappear completely but I did feel a bit safer, hanging on to that one while waiting for a boat to come and pick me up and then take me back to shore.

I was pissed of at my self as well as disappointed when I got back in, I really wanted to do this and I am not good at accepting defeat. However, when the worst of the anger and disappointment had worn of I started making a plan for next year, because yes, I will absolutely do it again! The plan is pretty basic, firstly I will try to practice swimming in this lake a few times before the race, secondly, the biggest mistake I did this year was starting out on the wrong side so I ended up to far away from safety. So next year I will make sure that I start on the left and keep very close to the floaties from the start, then I know it’s there and that I can just grab on to it the moment I feel I need it. Finally, I hope for better weather!

Hey, at least I got to go in a boat today!

Down-under 2013

I jinxed the weather!

This morning the fruit salad was exchanged for a nice blueberry smoothie, just to mix things up a little.


My plan to sit in the garden and paint today went out the window. The weather was so nice yesterday and I just assumed that it would be the same today, it was not to be. It’s windy like crazy outside and the rain is just waiting to fall.

Instead the morning has been spent in front of the telly together with my Japanese puzzles.

I have also spent some time thinking of alternative ways of making money, that is if I don’t find a job soon. Starting my own company is a valid option,maybe trying my hands on catering. We’ll see what happens.

After some leftover lunch I jumped on the bus and headed to my new favorite hangout, Gloria Jean’s for a cuppa.

And some WiFi of course, makes me feel connected to the rest of the world.

Then it became one of those afternoons, since I felt a bit stressed this morning about not having a job when I return home I figured I might as well head to the library to apply for some. As I reached the train station my train left the platform.


A lovely twenty minute wait for me. As I reached the library I was kindly informed that internet was down. The storm that is moving towards us seem to have a dislike to the internet, and has taken down the tower.

There was nothing for me to do really, other then getting the groceries for the evening meal and head back home. Crossing my fingers that I’ll make it home before the storm.

I did make it home before the storm and luckily the worst part of it bypassed us. Most of the evening was spent chillin in front of the telly with my Japanese puzzles.

I think I blame the moon for all of the weirdness of the day. I even forgot to take pictures of the dinner I cooked, spaghetti with mince, mommy’s recipe of course. Tomorrow should be a better day!

7 Things

You know it’s Monday when…updated – update

A day that can only be a Monday is coming to its end, first it started, then it progressed, and now it is finally pretty much over!

  1. For some reason the water pressure in the shower has gone on vacation. I’m sure it’s only temporary. Totally over this now!
  2. The moment you shampooed your hair the hot water decides to go visit the water pressure. I’m not feeling cold anymore. That I even cared!
  3. There is still no service on your phone (that you happen to be addicted to). Service came back, woho! Well, service came back, can still not text my friends in Denmark, kind of sucks!
  4. The moment you leave the house the sky opens up and the rain pours down. Sun is now shining and weather is lovely. It has been pouring down on and off since I got home, with a tad of thunder now and then, totally flagging that run I wanted to take.
  5. Your bike is not parked where you left it and after a few minutes of looking you have to give up and walk to workI’m sure someone has just moved it, and I will find it after work. Bike was not found after work either, now on a mission to find the papers on it and receipt so I can tell Mr Police of my loss, and the insurance company of course.
  6. The moment you enter the office building, the clouds magically disperse and the sun comes out. Well, have to leave early to make it to the bank (see no 7) on time, so I might even get to enjoy it a bit :) See point 4!
  7. The code generator for your bank has decided to go bust, so you can’t go in and pay your bills that are all due on that exact day. As I hopefully will make it to the bank before they close today, everything should be sorted before 16:00! Miraculously there was no issues with the train today and I made it in time for the bank, waited in line for 20 minutes and my problem was solved in two 🙂