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That came back quickly

I bragged yesterday about how good I’ve gotten at programming my coffee machine so I could wake up to the smell of coffee…guess who forgot last night! And guess who overslept this morning. I think we can see a pattern, big reminder to me to sort that out tonight as the instant stuff isn’t the same. As promised I still took the time for a cupper even though I was late.

Austria vs Australia

In other news I got my voting card for the coming European Union election. I have heard about it, I know it would happen, I will just have to admit that I have no clue on what’s going on and that is not good.

Since we are living in a world where the rightwing winds are strong, people are becoming more hateful and want to move back from open borders to closed ones with countries only containing the “right people”, this is more important than ever. I do not want a Sweden with closed borders containing only Swedish hateful people that think they are on top of the world with the right to look through their noses on everyone else.

So what do I know this far?

  • It’s on the 26th of May, so I will be back from my vacation.
  • We elect who to represent us in the EU Parliment for the next 5 years.
  • You need to be EU citizen to be allowed to vote.
  • I vote for the (Swedish) party I think should represent us.
  • I can vote for a specific person.
  • The party need to have at least 4% of the votes in order to have a seat at the Parliment.

Wow, now all that is left is to figure out who to vote for. I’m not sure I recovered from the Swedish election we had last fall, so this is going to be a though one. I can take the easy way out and just vote for the same party this time around…or not.

To be continued…

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There are Monday mornings and then there are Monday mornings

One could have better starts to the week than doing a typical Carolina, i.e. turning off the alarm in her sleep. Admittedly it took a while before I managed to wind down enough to be able to fall asleep last night so I had about four hours of sleep when the alarm went off.

This didn’t bode well for the sevens, as I had a 9:15 class to attend so that I could be a good student, at 8:41 I jumped out of bed, got the coffee going and rushed through the morning absolution before running out the door. A few things happened here;

– I remembered to bring a book to read on the long ten minute train ride to school.

– I remembered that I had to renew my monthly pass before getting on the train.

– I forgot to bring my cellphone – the end of the world had arrived!

The plan for the day was to stay in Lund all day since I also had a 3pm class. Could I really do that without the phone? I couldn’t measure my k’s for the day since I use the phone for that. I couldn’t take pictures for the blog since I use the phone for that. I didn’t have a clue about what was going on in the world because I use my phone for that. Not at any point did I worry about not being able to call or reached by phone, I mean, who use their phone for that?

Sitting in class, I wrote this by hand listening to the lecturer with half an ear trying to decide if I was going to go home or not after class. Because what made this a proper Monday morning was the fact that the sky opened up and starting to pour down freezing cold rain the moment I got on the bike, reminding me that I also had forgotten gloves and a hat in my rush out the door.

I still have hopes for the rest of the week though!

˜° °˜

It turned out to be a three-hour class, not two like the normal ones (something I would’ve known if I had my phone), it was still raining when class ended and a couple of my classmates were heading out for lunch so I tagged along rather than going home. I can manage a whole day without my phone! After lunch we went for coffee and I made my classmate, the lovely Lady D, take a picture of it so at least I could give you peeps one of those.


When we got out of class at five it was pitch dark and still raining so I headed straight home, where I have been passed out on the couch ever since. Which might explain why I’m still awake right now! I will set two different times on the alarm for tomorrow morning, first one for the wish list time and one for when I have to be up in order to make it to work on time.

Lets hope for a Tuesday more in the lines of what I want it to be, however, the time right now is 01:17am, any bets on me being up at seven?