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And off we went

A much anticipated vacation kicked of yesterday morning, European time, me and my loyal companion headed towards the airport, this time with Mr Grumpy II in tow.

It was quite a mission since I wasn’t allowed online check-in and had to be at the airport in decent time. It’s been a while since I had a paper boarding card in my hand, the process was made loads easier thanks to the magic gold card (LOVE IT) and free food in the lounge.

Since Mr Grumpy II doesn’t like sitting still I was a bit worried about the 11 and a half flight towards San Francisco, however I would say the in flight condiments helped…

For being me flying, it was quite a smooth trip, I walked straight through immigration and with no checked in luggage there was no delayed bag no 10 on this trip either.

We also had time for some local bevvie while waiting for the next flight.

Once we made it to our Las Vegas hotel, it was pretty much dinner and then bed, 9pm being like 5am in the morning and not much sleep.

We didn’t even venture of the hotel, I kicked back with a BLT at the hotel diner.

Thus I’m now awake at 6am with a Starbucks in my hand.

Should soon be time for another existing day…

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Soooooo much fun

The day started out nice, woke up before the alarm and hotel brekkie.

Had a good day at work before heading to the airport, onwards and upwards. The day was good until I arrived at the Capitol and realized that there wasn’t enough time between my flights, needless to say I missed my connection and the guy at the travel agent got an earful.

He booked me on the next flight out, departing two hours after the first. When I came to check in I was kindly informed that my new flight was delayed. So what to do?

Bye bye old bag, now replaced with a new and improved companion. 

Eat overpriced dinner.

Sit down at Starbucks and work (and surprisingly receive some answers to your mails).

The plane has finally arrived and boarding should start at any moment now. It’s 9:30pm and I’m dead. I was supposed to enjoy another hotel room already. Oh well, soon!

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Saturday was to come with colder weather so we decided that to be shopping day. Can’t say it was much colder, however the stores are closed on Sundays so it was my last chance.


So after another hotel-like brekkie we headed in to the center. Sun was shining and the mood was good, and there was entertainment 🙂 can’t go wrong with old ladies dancing.


My first purchase was an addition to my kitchen wall (need to buy more hooks), they didn’t have an Essen one so it had to be the area mug;


I opted against taking a photo of every shop we went into however in the afternoon after hours of walking and looking I felt my sugar levels go, and wham there was a Dunkin Doughnut;


Made me feel so much better. By the end of the day I came home with a new wallet, been looking for one for ages.


A new sweater, you can never have too many and it was down from €59 to €19, what a barging.


And something I really needed, a pair of shorts. That I’m wearing right now because I’m late getting ready for work and just had to do my morning yoga first.


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Krakow to Warsaw to Home

Thursday started with, you guessed it, another early morning. This morning started with a not so good hotel brekkie, where the coffee was totally instant and I couldn’t finish the cup.


Before I checked out of this hotel, I just had to take some pics of its old fashioned self, I mean the door even needed a key, I really mean a proper key, that you had to turn in the lock.

Key in the door Carpet Tiles

After the brekkie and the photo moment of the old fashioned hotel it was then time for the early morning reason, we were picked up for a trip to Auschwitz, something that will be getting it’s on post, for this post though; we were good little tourists running around whit the badge and all around our neck and got cheap microwaved lunch.



We returned back to Krakow after a 6,5hr ride and it was, due to our train schedule, time for dinner, the rain was pouring down at this stage still we managed to find a place that was out doors with some cover, and I know at least I would’ve loved it if the weather would’ve been nice.

Restaurant Dinner Beer

After “dinner” we went and got our bags from the hotel, walked down to the train station, and guess what! The train station in Krakow does have a Starbucks with Frappuccion happy hour, guess what I got!


Then it was train time again, and it was shown that the free coffee, tea, water with wafer that we got on the way down wasn’t a lucky thing, it’s something that they really do on the Polish trains.

Train coffe

Back in Warsaw we managed to find our way to the tram (not the easiest thing, I tell you) and made our way to the hotel without issue.


I still had a can of beer left that I had been carrying around for some days now, and did something that I have childhood memories of (sorry mum), beer in plastic cups in hotel rooms.

Last beer

After yet another early night (thought vacations where there for the other way around) we went home, however Warsaw gave me a beautiful goodbye.

Good morning


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I promise you can’t live without this information!

I know that the blogging speed and presence have been a bit low lately, I blame it on work and school, so I thought I would give you some real interesting stuff right here and now, just so that you wont miss me too much.

Check out the lunch me and my friend had today, we couldn’t decide on what pre-packed salad we wanted so we got one of each and mixed them up, pretty smart, right?LunchI hope this will tide you over for now, because I can’t promise that the blogging speed will increase as my studies kind of require me to study even when not in class…strange how that works!

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Temporary morning person

I am not a morning person, have never been and have no real plans to become one, that said, every time the good old jet lag kicks in I temporarily become one. This morning I woke up a bit before six am with the urgent need of visiting the ladies room, when I realized what time it was I kept telling my body to not wake up on the trip there so I could go back to sleep. After crawling back into bed and closing my eyes I thought to myself “Oh, you might as well just get up and get the day started, just try out the whole early morning thing for once”, so I did.Fruitbowl

My first big important thing to do on my to-do list for the day is to visit the unemployment agency, as I’m writing this post there is still an hour to go before they open, and boy the things that I have already accomplished today, starting with a nice and healthy breakfast.Brekkie

I got around to finally getting the hooks up on the wall for my Starbucks mug collection (small tip, never start one, it’s kind of like ‘once you pop you can’t stop).MugsStarbucks collection

Before going for a healthy run in the park I started a load of laundry, that should – or have to be finished before it’s time to go, since I can’t have a shower while it’s going.Run

Then time for the first coffee in the morning, this here is what you call portion control. I’ve noticed that if I make a whole pot of coffee, I drink a whole pot of coffee. During my vacation, I pretty much haven’t had more than one cup a day, so why change that now?Portion controlSo now I’m sitting on couch with my yum cappuccino, updating my post waiting for the unemployment agency to open, even if I had opted to do that in the afternoon my office (the public library) doesn’t open until ten either. This is good when the jet lag passes, so I don’t need to feel bad about sleeping in.

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Miss Lundin was left unattended again

Despite losing another two hours by flying over to New Zealand, I managed to wake up at 6:45 this morning. Joining the little family, very active little family, I made myself some breakfast.


After consuming the above food I laid down on the couch to enjoy my book, and promptly fell asleep. According to my current hostess it was a good sleep as she had managed several noisy tasks and I had just continued to sleep. This included baking these absolutely yum hot cross buns.


We then went for a walk past several quaint little shops, in one of them I found these mugs. I really loved them, can’t risk bringing them back home, so if anyone has seen them a little closer to home, please give me a shout out (or they would make an excellent Christmas gift).


We also stopped at a really nice shop that not only gave out free coffee, the also had fun stuff from all over the world, like Swedish cookies and fun spice mixes with recipes.



After a quick stop back home my hostess had an errand to run and I took the opportunity to get a ride to the closest Starbucks. Unfortunately they didn’t have a Wellington mug, I got the New Zealand one, and a yum frappucino.



I then accidentally headed across the street to the mall sitting there waiting for me. I want to start out with mentioning that I tried out loads of clothes I’m different stores, and didn’t purchase a single one of them! I also found a present for the best big sister in the world. And then it was this;


The afternoon was spent with some awesome spa pedicure and manicure, one of my favorite pastimes, now I have nice and pretty nails again. I will save you from a before picture you only get the after one.


Since I got kicked of the bus on my way to the nail saloon, for not having the correct change, I didn’t feel like more bus experiences and decided to walk back home. A lovely 35 minute walk in the sun.

Then I helped out with dinner by cutting up this pretty head of cauliflower;


And putting it to boil;


My hostess the did the rest of the magic, a nice steak dinner with corn on the cob, pasta and cauliflower mash.


It has now become time to retire to the couch, tv and yet another lovely book.