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Finally the helicopter

Wow, the blog have been too busy being on vacation that it was supposed to update. Lets see what can be done today. I left with the promise of the highlight of the trip, the planned helicopter tour.

Starting the day with brekkie of course, one of the things I miss about living in Sweden…this time we hit Denny’s rather than IHop.

Then we hit the pool, can’t stay in a hotel with two pools and not try both of them.

You can tell that some parts of my booty haven’t seen that much sun lately though, as I missed a spot with the sunblock.

After a basic taco lunch it was finally time, and I have to say, Helicopter over the Grand Canyon must be one of the coolest things I’ve done. And to all of those that worried about Mr Grumpy II, I wasn’t allowed to open the helicopter door during the trip so he’s still alive.


only thing that put a dent in the experience was not being able to rub it in daddy’s face. He would’ve been so jealous with the whole thing. And then, as we are riding back towards Boulder, one of the songs that I remember him always singing along to starts playing.

All those times we watched Good Morning Vietnam thogheter he would always start digging when What a wonderful world came on. And what can I say, sitting in the helicopter…it is a wonderful world indeed.

After returning back to our hotel, we headed up the tower attached to it in order to check out the views before a late night dinner at an Australian Steak House and a walk down the strip.

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How quickly two years passes

This Friday morning was the third 16th of January that I woke up without a dad. It’s amazing how quickly the past two years have passed. Sometimes it feels like yesterday sometimes it feels like much longer.

I still miss my dad a lot, I can still be angry at him for leaving us even if I know he didn’t want to and it wasn’t his fault, it’s not like he did it on purpose. I still feel like picking up the phone to call him sometimes, when something real good happens or when life sucks – that’s when I miss him the most. He was good at being happy for me and express his pride when things went the right way. He was also real good at making the bad days seem less bad, and in one way he still does.

I was re-organizing my bookshelf a couple of weeks ago and found old letters and other memories of him, it made me real sad and I was having a good cry about it. As I was sitting there crying, still reorganizing I found the copy of the Blue day book he sent me years ago. He sent it because I was heart-broken and sad, he sent it with a note saying “I have a feeling that you might need this right now”, back then I left the note in the book and in that moment it was so right. Funny how things happen sometimes.

This time of year I was in Thailand, spending the night between the 15th and 16th, the time of his passing, in a nice bar having drinks with the staff. This year I’m home in cold Sweden, where the winter itself is depressing enough, thinking that I should still do something good.

So on the evening of the 15th me and a friend of mine went to a restaurant here in Malmö that I know that my dad appreciated. Who’s mood doesn’t get better from a nice steak on a plank? Well, maybe if you are a vegetarian, however I’m not.Dinner

After steak, we went for beer.Beer

After beer we went to my place and sat down for a splash of dads whiskey.Whiskey

Most of the night was spent talking about parents, family and random crap, the perfect way according to me!

I miss you dad, I hope that if you are somewhere out there in the atmosphere you have access to unlimited steak, beer and whiskey – pure heaven!

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The Swedish Goddess Birthday Dinner

What do you do when your birthday is on a sad little Monday, the most depressing day of the week? Well, I guess you make sure that you had an awesome celebration with your friends the weekend past, like I did – my detailed step-by-step planning was the key to success…right. Then you make sure that you are going home to celebrate with family and friends the weekend to come, am sure that it’s going to be totally awesome as well. Finally, you have an awesome mum that not only make sure you have a gift to open in the morning, she make sure that you come home to this;wpid-shot_1392048676936.jpg

Seriously, I have the best mum on the planet, no competition.

Oh wait! I have one more, you splash on your favourite food and cook a real cosy dinner that you enjoy with a nice glass of wine and your favorite magazine! The perfect Monday birthday night! First, the warm-up while waiting for the potatoes to cook.wpid-shot_1392052577456.jpg Then, you enjoy the candles, the wine, and the magazine together with a real nice piece of steak, baked potatoes, mozzarella and tomato salad and some greens on the side.wpid-shot_1392054276001.jpg wpid-shot_1392054295140.jpg

For dessert you can do scratchy’s, a new birthday gift one and one that is a relative to the scratchy I got from my aunty during last years birthday season.


Sadly enough none of them gave me any money 😦

Ps. don’t ask what me what it all cost, its way over budget! Birthday’s only comes around once a year though.

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The big doubble 3 – round 2

This Wednesday I managed to drag some of my friends to one of my favorite restaurants A Hereford Beefstouw, some of them seemed to be too busy traveling in places like India, Qatar and the likes. I did survive without their attendance, are looking forward to round 3 though as I was promised a bucket of Qatar sand (I will hold Mr Balloon to that one). While waiting for that pressie, I just have to enjoy this bottle of pink bubbly that the beautiful Miss Legal gave me 🙂BubblyAfter spending the whole day playing with a small child I was super hungry and I accidentally showed all the food into my little tummy before remembering to take a picture.Empty plateBefore we left the restaurant (it felt like we were the last ones there) we did have a cup of java, and that one I remembered to take a cool little photo of, amazing isn’t it!?!CoffeeAfterwards a few of my girls came with for pink drinks, I understand that some people have to go to work even though I don’t, Miss Legal and Miss Paraguay did sacrifice some of their precious sleep to join in! Miss America joined as well, she, like me, could sleep in the day after so she joined a little bit longer. And wasn’t that fab, some young men in their early 20 gave us some attention. Nothing to complain about when you just turned double 3, now is it?Daqari

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An evening with mother dearest

When I found out that my mother was coming down for the weekend, I started to look into what fun was going on in Malmö for the weekend, and realized that Evita was playing at the Malmö Opera. Unfortunately the tickets were sold out and the only way to get your hands on a pair of them was to show up an hour before the show started and write your name on a list, so we did. To endure the exciting wait to see if the nine people who got to the list before us (two of which actually arrived after us, but sneaked ahead in the line) we sat down with a lovely glass of wine and some snacks (thus this is day no 2 of alcohol, only two to go that I’m saving for the trip to Paris that I hope will happen in a couple of weeks).

After an hour of waiting everyone in front of us waiting for tickets had gotten some, then the show started and we had to realize that even if our names were first on the dreaded list, we were not to get any tickets at all. For a few minutes we allowed ourselves to be a tad annoyed with the people who cut the line, if they wouldn’t have done that or if we had told them of it would have been us enjoying the show rather than them. However, since there is no point in dwelling in the past we decided to just go for dinner and also allow me to take a bit more advantage of my day with alcohol, kind of silly to waste a whole day on one glass of wine.

For several years, my sister lived in Malmö rather than me and when my dad would come down to visit they went for dinner to Mando a steakhouse that sell steak on a plank and keep count of how many they have sold to date. Mother and I have spoken more than once about going there to eat and see what it is all about, so this evening we did, and it was so worth it.

We choose the small version and that was plenty for small people like us! And the food was absolutely amazing, if you ever pass through Malmö I definitely recommend a visit! With the food we ordered a small bottle of red Rioja wine that was really nice to. All in all, a really lovely evening to end a really lovely day.

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The dinner for the evening

Just so that I can pretend that I am not obsessing about not smoking, which I’m not really, I completely forget about it most of the time. However, there is moments when it all comes back to me, and that is when I get hungry. Before I have controlled my eating habits simply by having a smoke or several, that  way I could postpone eating for a while, very practical when you want to do things after work rather than rush home and make dinner. Since I’m not smoking anymore, I can’t do this anymore and now I have to start eating when the hunger set in, I can tell you already now that this will create some logistical problems and probably cause some problems with my budget.

Or maybe I can just do what I did today…go home and make dinner. I guess my friends will just have to live without me for a while, until I manage to balance the food vs want at least.

Now back to the regular show, tonight’s dinner! Nothing really beats a proper steak with mashed potatoes and garlic butter. In order to align to previously posted recipes (because that is what this post is really about!) here we go;

For one person I used the following;

Mashed potatoes

  • 3 normal sized potatoes
  • a big chunk of butter
  • a splash of milk
  • salt

Peal the potatoes and cut into smaller pieces, put them into the pot add cold water and salt bring to boil and leave on the hot plate on the stove until the potato is soft. Drain the water, add the butter and milk, I just use a fork to make it all into a fluffy mash.

For the meat, just heat up the pan till it’s super hot and put the meat of choice in, for seasoning I just use some black pepper. As I like my meat pretty red I don’t fry it that long.

For the garlic butter I use on big chunk of butter and loads and loads of crushed garlic.

Yum, yum, yum!