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Training it!

No work today, whoop, whoop! That mean taking the train to Lund rather than the bus, a nice treat, or so I thought! Of course I arrived last minute to the station and tried to be a bit quick with walking down the escalator. Thing is, this is a flat escalator, my shoes were wet, getting the picture? I slipped! My leg is now hurting like hell and I’m guessing there are some scrapes there as well, nicely stinging.


If you haven’t figured it out before, early mornings are not my thing. Today is for a good cause though, I’m heading early to school in order to attend the session on the last exam, so I can find half a point more and pass the damn thing. If I can’t do that I have to re-sit the thing on the 20th of November. Wish me luck!

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What a difference a night makes

It’s pretty amazing to be able to take a Monday morning train home from the summerhouse rather than the Sunday evening train. It’s so much nicer spending Sunday night with mother dearest, lighting up the BBQ and participate in a bingo game show, than sitting on a train returning to an empty apartment .



Being able to look at the hours I worked and see that I have enough, thus not needing to head into work for a few hours before class, is one of the great luxuries that studying full-time, working half-time brings with it.
Thus I’m now sitting on a train (again), keeping my fingers crossed that the trainjinx will stay away as I have a very small window between arrival and start of class.


The reason I dared was the one hour and five minute late arrival I had to the summerhouse on Friday. I assume that the traingods will let me of with that one, and this far all has been well, there is however, an hour and a half left to go. Wish me luck!

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What a week!!

Arriving home from Greece was no fun, leaving 35 degrees and sun for 15 degrees, rain and cold. Then on Monday my summer course started, Tuesday was back to work, Wednesday was work and school and then on Thursday it was exam time as I had to re-sit one of the exams from spring.

Last night it was celebration time;


Ok, so I didn’t drink all of them myself however I was still tired at work today. At least it was an early day in order for me to make it to my train, destination summerhouse! I’ve brought my computer hoping that I can finish the rest of the blog posts about the wonderful vacation in Greece, in addition to that I’m carrying loads of textbooks both for my summer course and the micro economic class that start in September. Let’s see how much I actually get done.

How’s your week been ma peeps?

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First class procrastination

The plan today was 30 minutes of studying, 30 minutes cleaning, 30 minutes of studying etc and a run in the park weather permitted. So of course when I get a message from a friend that he’s a Latte Dad for the day wondering if I want to go for a coffee, I don’t say no. I definitely don’t regret my decision when the pancakes are put in front of me.

Latte Dads comes with an add on, called a baby, and after sitting down for a while they have a tendency to fret a bit so we decided to go for a walk in the park. That walk ended up being an hour-long, thus no run required today.
Now I just need a short rest on the couch after all the excitement of the morning, then I will aim for the original plan, minus the run of course. Spontaneous meet-ups must be the best.

How’s your Saturday coming along?

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A fab evening with the girls!

Life is moving in super speed at the moment, even though I have only been home for a couple of days, Thailand feels like a lifetime ago. A full day in school yesterday made me crash on the couch last night, today I had one class in the morning and then another in the afternoon, in between there were practicalities to be dealt with, like picking up the textbooks from the library, printing stuff and the likes. I did manage to go home for lunch before heading back for two more hours of bookkeeping.

Heading home after class, I had about ten minutes on the couch before heading out again. I will admit that I considered cancelling and just stay home to do my homework on catch up on my readings, I decided against it though. I missed out on the last book club session and was not in the mood to miss another one, especially since I managed to read the whole book this time. So of I went! And I’m glad I did, they are a fun bunch and there is also always loads to talk about – and I spoilt myself with a glass of wine as well (this is not money wasting, firstly there was room made for this night in the budget, secondly it is good for your soul to enjoy nice food, a glass of wine and awesome company). Tonight we met at a place called El Patio, that serve a mix of Spanish and Mexican food, we went there for the Spanish to align with the book we read, and I enjoyed two starters; a shrimp soup (more like shrimps in a thin sauce) and Nachos.Wine Shrimps Nachos The bar

Happy on the inside, and less suffering from the vacation blues, I headed home and did my homework for tomorrow. The reading will have to wait because it’s almost bedtime, a time that have moved from my normal 1am to 10pm in order to get up in time for my eight o’clock classes in the morning, guess my age is starting to catch up to me.

Hope you have had time for some soul caring as well, if not, make sure you just do it!