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A looooong day

I’ve been visiting Gotham this weekend, and since spending a Sunday eve on a train only to come home to an empty appartment is kind of depressing, I prefer the Monday morning train. Except for when the alarm goes of at 05:30 am…and today I didn’t manage to fall back to sleep when I sat down. So, after breakfast I started up the work PC and got at it.

Sometimes there is brekkie

Almost in chock when the train arrived in Malmö on time I headed over to work and did work stuff, you know those things you do at work; drink coffee, go for lunch, chat with those you work with, and oh! I think I saw an Excelsheet. And since I came from Gotham I couldn’t bring lunch, thus I had to go buy some…

After work I had plans to attend a seminar held by a person that I really want to hear what they have to say. I just suck at planning since getting up at 5:30am, train and work doesn’t bode well for 5:30pm plans, so I flagged it.

Then I realized that one of the reason why I like staying at my mums place is because she doesn’t have problems with the heating. Last night, I left the balcony door open for a few minutes while enjoying the fresh air, here I sit with my winter slippers on as well as a blankie because it’s freezing…!!!

Yup, it’s cold..

What better way to end a day like this than with frozen pizza on the couch in front of the telly watching crappy TV? None, my friends! See you all again tomorrow…right?!?

Total quality!!

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#19 2018 Just an ordinary Friday

I left you yesterday with my magical run, after that it was back to work like the diligent little worker I am. Then afterwards I met up with Mr Grumpy II for some yum, yum.

IMG_20180118_174102.jpgThen after a quick snack I met up with one of the colleagues for Pub quiz…where I had so much fun (and we did real good, the winners scored 25 and we had 22) that I totally forgot to take pictures.

Even though it didn’t end up being a late night, I still accidentally turned my alarm off this morning and did a rush to work (past 7/11 for coffee since I forgot to set the coffee maker last night). In the rush I also forgot all about smoothie and lunch so I had a good excuse for sushi lunch, not too shabby.

IMG_20180119_115207.jpgSince it’s Friday and I was sent a free gift in the coffee place app, why not another fancy coffee before heading back to the office to sit of the rest of the day?

I did a fairly short day today as my couch was calling my name, and that’s where I spent the evening. Feet up, watching crap TV while playing quality games. It’s what I call the perfect Friday eve, even when friends are trying to convince you to come out and eat dinner at your favourite burger place, the couch wins!


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Sushi night with Latte Mum

One of my favorite time of the month is my sushi nights with Latte Mum. She has no problem putting up with my constant jabbering about how much it is right now. It’s always too much because I always manage to plan it that way…

This time it was Lund and a new place to try. We where first as usual (that’s what happens when you meet for dinner at 5) and thus rather good service.

By the time I gulped down the rather strange miso soup and a couple of tastes of the wine my shoulders came down a little bit. And after polishing of this plate of salmon goodness I was cool and relaxed.

Everyone should have their own Latte Mum, she’s magic for my mood 🙂 now I’m ready for a relaxing weekend without any musts.

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Quality time with the fav Latte Mum

Me and Latte mum are no longer practically neighbours, it’s been a while since she deserted me for suburbia. Still, we try to meet up regularly to eat sushi and just hang.

This time it was for me to travel to Lund where we started with dinner, fantastic and fun sushi at Bonsai Sushi bar, totally worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.


We then accidentally stuck our nose in a bookstore and I managed to spend the last bit of a gift card that’s been in my wallet for I don’t know how long.

Walking and talking took us past the new students that are running around town doing silly things.


Lund City park, a place that I have managed not to visit even though I spent a few years studying in this city, was full of students and Pokemon chasers this eve. Also a bird that seemed to be working on escaping its confinement.


Walking back towards the station we walked past this quaint little place, I would love to go and sit down there at some point. Looks like a chill place and a part of the magic with Lund, you never really know what to find but you know it’s full of interesting palaces.


All good things have to come to an end and so did this evening. All talked and walked out I sat down on the train that would return me home.


Thanks ma Latte Mum for another fab evening, let’s do it again soon 🙂

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It is Monday after all

I have to start with, 500hrs, whoop whoop! Yes, my life revolves around the fact that I quit smoking right now…


I was a good girl and brought leftovers with me to work, Fake fried chicken (it has to be eaten after all the work it took me to sort it out). The past few weeks, I’ve been out eating lunch almost every day, you can follow the lunch chronicles on Insta if interested, and not only does it cost money it gets boring.


My colleagues are starting to return from vacation, so the office isn’t as empty anymore. And with the collegues returning another nice moment of the day is returning as well, Fika. This day my colleague brought some Fika to celebrate his birthday, of course no excuse is really needed.


Then it was time for my now traditional visit to the gym, still with the normal schedule there is time for me to head home from work and I figured I would bike to the office. The bike gods didn’t agree. I think one call it a flat tire…very flat. Walking it is.


And of course, since it is Monday after all and a tradition needs to be upheld:


Ps: any of my fellow wordpressers, do you know if I can set a default size on my photos so I don’t have to sit and resize them all?

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My Monday tradition 

With new office came quit smoking and a new gym membership. The gym is just around the corner from work, and only five minutes from home, so no excuses.

The past couple of weeks the summer schedule has been on and that ment 17:00 pilates class and then sushi dinner picked up on my way home.

Now with the summer schedule gone so is my Monday 17:00 class which is a bit of a bummer as it worked out so fab. Instead there’s a 18:50 yoga class.

I did go yesterday,the timing is a bit off, too late to stay at work and not enough time really to do anything in-between work and workout. I think I will survive this conundrum, maybe, it’s a though one. At least the sushi place is still open when I head home.

And the yoga was fantastic – exactly what the booty needed. 

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Beware of the nicotine monster

At least I’m not crying anymore, not sure being an irritated biatch is that much better. Today at work I just felt how rude I was to my collegues so I did what any smart person do…you put up a warning sign.


Even though I wasn’t that big of a fan of the Pilates class I attended last week, I decided to give it another chance today. Still not sure I like it, still I’m sure it’s good for me and I managed to start a new tradition…sushi afterwards.


Feeling surprisingly restless and wanting cigaretts more than I expected after a week it’s a good thing that I have a kitchen to plan…good distraction. That and starting to clear out amongst my things. I think I have mentioned earlier that I have too much stuff, and I don’t want do bring all of it into my new rooms.