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A tradition has been created

After another sleep-in (seem both me and my friend was much in need for sleep) we had a quiet brekkie at home.


We then headed out for a walk and something I learnt all about while visiting Essen last year, Spaghetti Eise. It’s ice-cream with food names that taste totally fab. We eat it in a really beautiful area of Essen, so it’s not only the ice-cream we are after it’s the scenery as well.

This time around we followed the advise of my friends dad and visited a church in the area;

And as I have been in almost every church since my dad passed away, I lit a candle. The poor very much non religious dad must be turning in his grave, as it’s also churches of all different faiths. That’s what you get for dying! (note that I only lit one of them)


After beautiful nature we stuck with being cultural and visited an art museum. The museum is free on Sundays, however it wasn’t appreciated that we walked in through the back door anyhow. I think that maybe they shouldn’t leave the doors open then…but that just me.


As usual with museums there are nice paintings and then there are the weird paintings that make you question who decides what’s art and what’s not. One painting was just a canvas painted black (????).

They did have a pretty cool section on Asian posters, where I found these two. They make a very valid point;

After being all arty serious we stopped for dinner, and I must say that Essen provides a very wide selection of yum food to decent prices. I stopped counting the times where I’m sure that they must have missed something on my tab.


After dinner it was already time to head to the airport, and of course my flight was delayed. At least my gate was located right next to the smoking lounge (dear Camel, any advertising money is more than welcome in my bank account) and I had a good book to read.


Even with the delay we arrived in Copenhagen on time, still I missed my train with a couple of seconds only. Travel isn’t really for me, is it? At least it seem like the Swedish police have decided that scary refugees don’t arrive late Sunday night so we were spared the passport control on the Swedish side so the trip wasn’t to painful.

As much as I like travelling, it’s nice to not have any plans for doing more so in a while.

Peace out ma peeps.

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How about staying home?

So, I arrived home from the summer-house last night, I spent some time with the best neighbour on the planet before hitting the sack. This morning my colleague picked me up around eightish for a two-day team build thingy with work.

Of course it would’ve been nice to be home for a bit, since I’ve been away, still: morning snack;dsc_0441.jpg


My room;

Surroundings and hotel;

Watching Sweden suck at football (again);img_20160613_175232.jpg

And then to finish it of, dinner;dsc_0461.jpgdsc_0463.jpgdsc_0465.jpgdsc_0468.jpg


I refuse to complain!

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Going home

It was an early start with the alarm set for five am. My hosts were very kind and set their alarms for five thirty to wave me of. So after one last breakfast, off I went.


Or should I say we, as my host was kind enough to give me a ride to the very empty bus station.

I managed to sleep most of the ride up and woke up in time to see the massive airport in a distance, pretty cool.


I arrived just in time to manage security, immigration and a quick drive by at the duty-free to arrive at the gate when boarding was in the middle somewhere. Perfect, no point of being the first or the last on the flight.

The food wasn’t as good as the way out, still edible though.

As we arrived in Istanbul on time this time around I had enough time to sit down for some coffee and OJ, as well as checking out some stores before it was time to board the last flight. Which turned out to be an old depressing Star Alliance plane and not the cool new Turkish Airline one.

Arriving home I now have to pass through three passport controls before getting of the train in Malmö, this is due to the Swedish government’s idiocy and lack of knowledge of any other region then the capital one. I also landed to the sad news about the bombings in Brussels airport that happened while I was in the air.

I will admit to making jokes about the Turkish Airline tickets being so cheap due to the bombings taking place in Turkey lately, and somewhere in the back of your mind there is that worry that they might take their bombs of the streets and into the airport. Weirdly and sadly it’s with a sense of relief that it wasn’t the airport that you travelled through that was hit.

It was a rude awakening coming home after a wonderful vacation, that ISIS are still around trying to scare the living shit out of the world in some weird campaign to do what? Scare us all into becoming radical muslims?

I realize that I got of topic, apologize, I want to leave you with this though:

Not all Muslims are radical ISIS warriors. ISIS doesn’t equal Islam, and never meet hate with hate!

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All things come to an end, so also this weekend. After another chaos brekkie we all packed up and got into our vehicles for the roadtrip home leaving our home for the weekend.






We didn’t quite manage to get rid of the family though as when we stopped for our pre lunch gas top-up we ran into the side of the family heading towards the capital. So we had lunch with them, me got a mountain of nachos.



Enjoying the Swedish landscape by day I tried to capture it’s beauty through the car window.





When it was time again for a stop, toilet, coffee and candy, we ran into the other half of the family heading towards Gotham as us. Of all the gas stations along the way it’s kind of funny that we stop at the same.



Once home, I had the pleasure of repacking my bag as there’s no reason to bring the winter clothes to Thailand. Though job but someone gotta do it!

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Keep on swimming, swimming, swimming…

The main reason for me being in Gotham this past weekend was the second part of the Göteborg Classic that me and my brother in-law signed up to. The first part, biking, was completed a few months back and a piece of cake.

Part two was swimming 1000 meters in a lake, and waking up, looking out the window was not a hit as the skies were grey and the rain kept pouring down. Not really sure why rain is such an issue when you are going swimming, I mean seriously; am I worried about getting wet?

Every good sports person know that it’s important to start the day with a good breakfast when it’s competition time, and so do I! Know that you should, I mean, it’s just that coffee is so darn good.BrekkieAnother important part when going swimming is the hat, so they hand them out to you before the race, and I have to say it was pretty cool, and I found myself very sexy in it.Hat Da sexy chick!When we reached the place for the race, I have to say that the lane looked pretty intimidating, and very long. However, one can do anything, right?The LaneThen it was time, I was already to go, ready to do this and get that awesome feeling when you reach the finish line and really accomplished something. That’s when it hit me, I have this small issue with water, not super comfortable with it and I guess that over the past few months since I signed up for this it never crossed my mind that even in a lake the water can get choppy and terrifying. Well it can and it didn’t take long before I felt the panic start rising. Since my brother in-law was swimming at the same time, he was right next to me and I told him what was happening. It felt a bit comforting hearing his voice next to me, as he informed me of the plan at that was aiming for the first floaty, and that I could hold on to him if I had to.

Seriously people, at this point it felt like the water was going to swallow me and I was so sure that I was going to drown right there and then. I tried grabbing the in-law once but didn’t feel very reassured by that so I just focused all I could on safety and the flotation string in the middle! And I made it! The panic didn’t disappear completely but I did feel a bit safer, hanging on to that one while waiting for a boat to come and pick me up and then take me back to shore.

I was pissed of at my self as well as disappointed when I got back in, I really wanted to do this and I am not good at accepting defeat. However, when the worst of the anger and disappointment had worn of I started making a plan for next year, because yes, I will absolutely do it again! The plan is pretty basic, firstly I will try to practice swimming in this lake a few times before the race, secondly, the biggest mistake I did this year was starting out on the wrong side so I ended up to far away from safety. So next year I will make sure that I start on the left and keep very close to the floaties from the start, then I know it’s there and that I can just grab on to it the moment I feel I need it. Finally, I hope for better weather!

Hey, at least I got to go in a boat today!

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A chill weekend in Gotham

So busy day part 1, 2 and 3 lead up to the beginning of a long weekend in Gotham, packed with family, friends and mummy time – in short a pretty awesome time.

Lunch with mother dearest and grandmotherLunch with mum and grandma (4)Lunch with mum and grandmaLunch with mum and grandma (2)Lunch with mum and grandma (3)

Night in town with mother, sister and live musicMum and sister

Babysitting the oldest niece for a whole dayBabysitting (2) Babysitting (3) Babysitting

Watching Sweden kick Denmark’s butt on the river of GothamFighting

And this is just some parts!

I have made an effort lately to keep the phone in the bag, not taking a picture of every meal I eat or every beautiful view I see. Instead I want to enjoy the meal, the view and the wonderful company. One of the reasons I am doing this, is because it felt like I reached a point where if I didn’t take a picture of something, it didn’t happen. And that is not true! Not being able to post pictures of my life on Facebook, Twitter or here on the blog doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen, it just means that I had more time to enjoy the moment rather than being busy making it for-ever.

It’s not only the photos, it’s also the computer. On the train home today I spent three hours and eleven minutes pretty much with my nose in a book listening to classical music rather than pulling out the computer, surfing the internet and updating the blog. It felt good!

Don’t worry, I wont stop sharing the awesome moments of my life! Just maybe just little bit less of it, or more in writing than pictures. We’ll see!

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My mother has been visiting for the past few days, and on Sunday we got into the car to discover south of south of Sweden.Map We started with a breakfast in a nice little place called Anna’s bakery on the road to Falsterbo-Skanör a nice little quaint place, however we did wonder if it was actually a bakery. It seemed more like they got the sandwiches and cakes delivered rather than make them in-house, I guess that it doesn’t really matter that much as we got our coffee and sandwich, ready to take on the rest of the day.1. Annas BageriWe then went down to Falsterbo and did some window shopping, the weather was real cold and windy so it was a short stop before we jumped back into the car and continued heading south, far south! We hit the most southern part of Sweden, and this of course had to be photographed, you can not hit any most southern, northern, western or eastern point of any part of t he world without taking a picture of the sign.3. As far south as you can getHere the weather was a bit better so we also made room in our belly’s for ice-cream, and I couldn’t resist the mini-marshmallows that they had as topping;Ice creamWe also took the opportunity to get us some dinner food from the local smokery, will not comment on the taste of the food as it turned out to be a little bit of a disappointment.2. SmokeryAfter a little sugar high in the sun by the water we once again got back into the car and kept on driving, our next stop being the most adorable little random shop pretty much in the middle of nowhere, Agda’s Country Shop. If you happen to be in the area, you have to make a stop here and it doesn’t require the big wallet as they have seriously good prices on their stuff. It is impossible to walk in, have a look and then not walk out with something that you purchased.Shop Shop (3) Shop (2) oops I did it again Shop (4)Before even making a lunch break, we found another random little store in the Swedish country side, New Food. From the outside it looked real tiny (forgot to take a picture), then you entered it was like the never-ending store with kitchen articles all over the place. It was amazing and you just want to buy the whole lot.Kitchen shopWe had a plan to eat lunch once we reached Ystad, however with all the stops along the way the day got later and later and when we reached Abbekås to check out their goose we realized that four in the afternoon would be a good time for lunch.GooseSo we went into their Harbour restaurant, which was super cosy.Lunch Lunch (2)And the food, seriously it was amazing (and as I looked up the webpage to link to it, I realized this is a hotel as well, something I wouldn’t mind trying out sometime)! We ordered their Skåne-Thai salad and we were not disappointed.Lunch (3)After lunch we finally made it to Ystad, which was our main goal with the day from the beginning. As we drove into town the sky opened up and at five on a Sunday not that much is open so we got on the high-way and drove home. It was two very tired persons that sat down on my couch, but what a day, it was awesome and I seriously think that being a tourist in your own country is underrated.