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It amazes me that my friends think they can get away with pretty much anything, like getting married on the other side of the planet without my involvement what so ever, I don’t think anyone managed that and Miss Paraguay realised the same yesterday.

She’s leaving next weekend, and thought she was safe over there in Denmark with a long bridge and a passport control between us, boy was she wrong. It wasn’t easy though.

If you think that I’m a busy bee, you should see my friends, and their friends. So finding a day that me (because it’s all about me) and any of her other friends could make it wasn’t easy. Then people go get babies and stuff, which doesn’t help dragging them out of their homes.

Lucky me, Miss Who The Hell is Marianne, was keen any day and have the right evil streak to kidnap someone and drive them, like a little Syrian refugee, over the bridge. She almost made me cry of laughter when live tweeting Miss Paraguay’s reaction while being kidnapped, things like “I’m not very pleased right now” and yelling out her future husbands name. Also making her pack something pink, something I’m amazed she managed to find – didn’t think she owned anything that wasn’t black.

At least she was kidnapped in the coolest car ever;


We tried to start the day with lunch however, 11:30 in the morning seem to be too early for eating on a Saturday so we went shopping and was allowed to dress the bride to be up a little bit, our little angel and her devils.


Of course we needed a little bit of bubbly in celebration of the coming nuptials, and also that we manged to get together for a whole saturday.


One of the main reasons for being in Malmö was so that the new mothers could join and one came for lunchwine, we couldn’t help but pimp the stroller.


You can tell that we don’t meet up that often as we sat for lunch for quite some time, and quite some wine according to the check. However, there where more babies to meet so after a trip to H&M’s babysection and Espresso house for coffees we met up with dear Lady T for a walk around the water.



And then more baby time. Loads of pictures taken, they all contain babies though so I’m not sharing with you people. We did manage to finish her wine though, she doesn’t need it anyhow, right…new mommies don’t drink…

I was a bit worried about us running out of things to do, and I had plans like the aquarium and an exhibition about patterns, never should’ve worried. When we had finished Lady T’s wine it was time for dinner.

I had made reservations at one of my favorite places in Malmö, with fantastic food and great service, La Roche Wine and Tapas. And I was happy to see that the guest of honor and Miss Who The Hell is Marianne seemed to love the food as much as I do…and the Sangria.


It also appears that Malmö is fairly good at Virgin Mojitos (Miss WTHIM was driving so no alcohol for her) and that’s a good thing to know for future reference.

Before sending the girls on their way we of course had to stop by my corner for a beer and virgin mojito. At this point Miss Paraguay is also carrying around her Led balloons, I think they look like nipples…it might just be me though.


A fantabolous day with my fantabolus girls, I was very happy to have a short bike home and being able to go straight to bed (at 11pm on a Saturday) because I was completely worn out.

Peace out ma peeps.


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Because I love crying at work

Today has been the worst day since I quit smoking, I was just not able to quit crying all morning, and I don’t think the fact it is my grandfathers birthday helps either, since I can’t celebrate him in person. I try to keep the spirit up, this morning by trying a new type of coffee while walking to work. Something they call coldbrew, which is coffee brewed with cold water over night. Tasted ok-ish.


I did try for the “walk around the block” thing, didn’t really help other than the fact that it was nice to go outside- A couple of my colleagues did their best of cheering me up during quite a heavy lunch with coffee dessert.

Didn’t help that I much, the tears wouldn’t stop and at two I gave up and headed home. I’m quite grateful right now that I have flexible working hours that enables me to sneak home so I could go for a run just like that. A benefit not to be underestimated.


After the run, I did feel a little better and after working from the couch for a bit I then headed out for a date night with the sister. Fantastic!

Starting with early dinner at Pinchos before some therapy shopping (I know I said I would cut down on that kind of shopping, I think that quitting smoking allows for an exception) and then onwards to the movies. Suicide Squad – the perfect distraction.

My sister has now left me, I have turned of the TV (an hour before planned bedtime, as per an attempt to cleaner living) and I’m updating the blog waiting for the craving to pass. Once that has happened, I can hang some laundry and cuddle down in bed with a book…hoping that day five will be a better day because today really sucks.

Even though there was no crying while hanging with the sister, it’s right there waiting to get started again. I’m completely bloated, it feels like my tummy’s gonna explode of all the gases – instead they sneak out at will (so you probably don’t wanna hang out with me right now), my throat hurt. Basically, I generally feel like shit!

Quit smoking they say, you will feel better.

Quit smoking they say, you will save money.

Yeah, right!!!!

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Fun with work

I still haven’t really gotten my head around the swedish way of doing after work that includes booking people’s calendars about a month in advance, make reservations at places to eat and as this time – planning activities.

For me an after work is when you spontaneously go for a beer after work.

Anyhow, this Tuesday the after work fun started during work as my colleague pulled a floor piano out of his magic bag and I got to have a small BIG revival in the office.


A bit after four the general fun started with hanging out in the park. As I made my way to work in the morning it was absolutely pouring down rain and I had low faith in the park part of the plan, however dad pulled through with the remote control again (it’s all about having connections in the right places) and the sun peeked out.

We then headed for the restaurant (and this is where it’s not really and after work anymore, rather an evening out I would say) where our table was waiting for us.

It was a place I haven’t visited before and had no idea what to expect, it turned out to be a Tapas place with soooo much yum yum food. Took some time before I felt hunger again I’ll tell you that.

My colleague with the magic bag (his kids toys that he borrowed for the park) was brave enough to try the squid, looks cool…still wouldn’t eat it…dsc_0607.jpg

It was a nice evening with no drama, despite alcohol being included, so I have a feeling that this thing with my new colleagues might actually work out.

We ended the night with me dragging the still standing gang to my corner, closed it down and an even smaller group finished the evening with one last beer at Lilla Torg, the place to go for the last beer of the evening. However there are no pictures of this part of the evening so you have to trust me when I say that no colleagues where harmed and all of them were returned home in one piece.

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Aqui Tapas & Bar

During our walking day my lovely sister got serious cravings for tapas, so as the good little sister I am, I googled the Tapas places closest to our hotel. I found a couple and based on random internet reviews we settled on a place called Aqui Tapas & Bar. Before we left the place, I told my sister that I had to remember to take a picture from the outside for the blog, do you think we remembered? No, I didn’t. Looking back it also would’ve been nice with individual pictures of each dish, for the plain reason that each dish was just so damn good, however, since they were so good I was too busy stuffing my face to think about sharing the experience with you guys.

Anyhow, as we walked in, it seem that we got pretty much the last available table, yey! The service was fab from start to end, so it didn’t take long before we had a pitcher of yum Sangria on our table.DSC_0647 DSC_0648We then ordered a whole bunch of the dishes of their menu, and I think it was a real good thing that we were on a deadline, otherwise we could’ve been sitting their all night.DSC_0653If I remember correctly there was some tomato mozzarella (required eating pretty much every place that have it on the menu), bacon wrapped goat cheese, salmon ceviche, meatballs, cheese platter and something bread with cheese on the inside. Oh, man it was good. And as already mentioned the service was fab, attentive but not over attentive, quick and with all smiles.DSC_0651

I think that both me and sis would love to go back here on another visit to the big city.

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The trip to Barcelona was surprisingly smooth, with train and flights you never know when I’m around. The only slight glitch was when leaving the airport down here, I had to wait for ages before a train arrived and once it did it trained for a few hundred meters just to come to a complete standstill for about twenty minutes. It did start again though and I made it to the station where I was to meet the girls and they where standing there waiting.
We started with going to Mini Me Jr’s place, in the area Gracia (absolutely beautiful btw) to drop of my stuff and then head out again. We went to a place the girls seems quite fond of, Mama’s Cafe that had a lovely back garden.


After welcome drinks we moved on to grab some dinner, local catalonia food my first night and yum it was. This evenings tapas was a bomb, some salmon, squid and tomato rubbed bread;


After dinner but before walking Lady D to the metro there was another place with another wondrous back garden, I seem to have been in slight remiss of taking photos in there, got one of the front sign tough;


It had been a long day for two of us, less long for the third, however after this place it was time to cool it down and there was a dog that needed to be walked. With some false confidence in my blood (called red wine), I took charge of the dog walking!!!


Everything not mentioned here goes under “what happens in Barcelona stays in Barcelona”!

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Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles

There was good cause for bubbles this past Saturday, Miss T managed to complete the New York marathon in good style as I did my 10k race. After a rather chill morning at home the chase for a restaurant begun, who would have thought that pretty much every restaurant in Malmö would be booked this one Saturday night, it appears that they were. When we finally found one with a table available, you do wonder why they do. Miss T had visited the place before and vouched that the food would be good, so the decision was made.

Before we headed for dinner though, we stopped by Bastard, which only servers brains and the like so we had no interest in eating there, for some bubbles;

BubblesThe restaurant of choice(?) was a Tapas place that I sadly forgotten the name of, and as Miss T is a responsible grown-up she is in bed sleeping this close to one am on a school night, so I can’t ask her. Sadly enough the food pictures didn’t turn out that great so all you get is my half eaten goat cheese and a filo role, this stuff was so good though that we had seconds;

Rest - FoodWith this we of course enjoyed a lovely bottle of Shiraz;Rest - WineAnd what good dinner is complete without a yum, yum cappuccino (note, for those of you that don’t know all about my coffee addiction you can find some of it here).

Rest - CoffeeImpressively enough we could move after all the food we ate, and I am a firm believer that a brisk bike ride after dinner only can be good for you. This bike ride took us to yet another restaurant, here the kitchen was closed, that Miss T have been wanting to check out for a while. And guess what! Even a solid meat restaurant can serve up some nice bubbles;

Bubbles (2)The rest of the night then just kept on being with some interesting choices of yum absolutely non-alcoholic drinks;

Mojitos Mohiots Mojitos (2) WaterA proper girls night out on a Saturday night – check!

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Da book club

I have given up on creating my own book club and instead I went searching on the big wide web for one, and I found it. Their next meet-up was tonight and lucky me I had already read the book which was Paradisoffer by Kristina Ohlsson. Not that long ago I read the book that came after this one in the series, so I was able to recommend them all to keep reading.

We met at a restaurant that is called Mosaik, and I forgot to take a picture from the outside so here is the one they have on their homepage.

It’s a tapas place that mix small dishes from all over the world. I chose to eat a real yum salmon with avocado and apple salad together with a bruschetta and some garlic shrimps, and man it was good. If I could I would go here and eat all the time.Bruschetta Salmon ShrimpsAnd I promise that we spent the whole dinner talking about the book, or other books, really! I promise! They were fun girls, it can be a bit hard to join a group of people who have known each other for a while, there was no such problem here. Might also have a bit to do with my tendency to just babble away about anything and everything.

After dinner, some of the girls were heading for some live music and I figured why the heck not, they were nice and the evening young, and it’s not like I have to get up early tomorrow (kind of, more about that some other time). The band that was playing was a part of the Malmö summer scene, where everything is free of charge, program can be found here. They are called New Tide Qrquesta and they are good at playing their instruments, that no one can deny, however the music was more of the kind that you want in the background while eating dinner, not on a stage on a cold Malmö evening. I know what to look for when it’s time to go to sleep.

And yes, I did my best to keep warm;The band Beer

All in all, I had an awesome evening and am looking forward to more nights out with da book club 🙂