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7 Things to feel better

Sitting here on my couch, way too late for a school night (due to a three-day weekend so night is day and day is night), feeling a bit pleased with myself as the laundry basket is empty (that means I’ve done all the laundry) and the fridge full since I managed to leave my couch long enough to do grocery shopping, contemplating my life (and the length of this sentence). The result?

Wow, it’s been long since I did a 7-things list, the last one I can find is from is from the beginning of February last year (not sure what happened with the rest of that year to be honest, might have to go back and read my own blog on that topic). That means it’s time for another one, it’s gonna be a 7-thing/project type of thing since it’s been a while since my last little project as well.

Ready? Here we go…

  1. Be a tourist in my own city – being in Essen this past weekend the conversation came up again, what one do and don’t do in your hometown. At least I’m real bad at going to the museums and sites here in Malmö, so I figured that I would make an attempt to be better at it. I think I’ll start with the Lonely Planet list to make it easy…and if anyone has some good ideas let me know.
  2. Cook more food at home – during my poor student days (not that long ago) I became real good at planning weekly menus and cooking at home. Now I spend too much time eating out, both for lunch and dinner – because I can. I do really love cooking though so I wanna get back in it. Starting today when there will be a box of food complete with recipes, delivered at my door. Ok, so starting it off half-lazy.
  3. Become less materialistic – I have noticed that I use shopping a little bit like therapy. I buy something and it makes me feel good…every time. Not a lasting feeling at all, so I figure that I will attempt to buy less things.
  4. Declutter – I’m a piler…there I said it! I have piles all over my apartment and we share the space in a co-existing kind of way. I think that it would be a nice change to attempt to get rid of them. It also ties into point three, I don’t need all this stuff.
  5. Take better care of my body – Yes, I run and I bike (faaaar) I just don’t exercise that much in between. I’m not planning on becoming a health nut or anything, I just feel that maybe I should move around a bit other than biking to and from work. And also maybe start my day with something else than coffee and a cancerstick…just saying – there’s probably a reason why my booty haven’t liked me or treated me nicely the past few months.
  6. Think more about the environment – I’m getting a bit better at recycling and I usually bring reusable bags to the grocery store. So I guess, being even better at recycling, try to avoid buying things with too much packaging, turning of the lights and all that jazz (maybe start with reading up on how to be nice to the environment).
  7. Less screen time – I spend most of my days at work in front of a computer, and my phone and then I come home and spend time infront of the TV with my computer or phone as well. So I want to do less of that, I mean, I can just turn my radio on when I’m home if I want background noise, and a book will keep my company just as well as the TV and computer will, right? So more of that…

That’s that, starting today! And since I’m not too keen on rules, there are no rules really…other than that I want to include one of the points in my everyday life everyday…



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An hour to waste

I’m impressed with Air Berlin, they still serve a free nonalcoholic drink and a snack on their flights, awesome!


We landed on time and I only had to wait a few minutes for the train that would take me to central Düsseldorf, after a short fight (that I won) with the ticket machine.


It appears that even though my card is a debet card, Germany seem to think it’s a credit card and thus not very popular.


After sorting out a train ticket for the second leg of my trip this afternoon I headed out in a very grey and sad city. Not in the mood to walk around I headed to the tourist information, that didn’t open until 9:30. What to do with an hour? Cappuccino and a book!



By the time the information had opened the sun was coming through and I headed out in the city armed with a map and comfortable shoes.

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A Swedish Tourist in Copenhagen

My second week back working full-time was another short week, and after three days of eight hours of work a day, mother and the exchange student arrived in town. After a nice dinner out in Malmö on Wednesday night I woke up on Thursday heading out for a nice, yum hotel breakfast.DSC_0925

As the exchange student obviously isn’t from around here, she was really excited to head over to Denmark and even though I have been there for the past couple of weekends, it’s different to go with someone who haven’t been before. Sometimes I can remember the first time I went on that big bridge that take you to Denmark, after the years of everyday commuting you forget the awesomeness with the whole thing.

After trying both the train and the Metro we started our tour with Torvehallerne by Nørreport Station, and coffee with cake. DSC_0927This place is amazing, full of food displayed in such a way it’s hard to keep yourself from buying it. The also have restaurants serving anything from Tapas to Fish and Chips. I’ve been there to eat more than once before. If you find yourself in Copenhagen, it’s definitely worth a visit.DSC_0929After a slow start, we started our walk towards Nyhavn, a must for any tourist in this city. Rather than just passing by we took a tour on the canal boats, it never ceases to amazing me how different the tour is depending on the guide. I don’t know what I was doing during the tour, it seem that I didn’t manage to take a single picture. I guess because I’ve seen it all before, more than once – and I was in need of food and the ladies room, both which I got when we left the boat.

As we were being tourists we had lunch at one of the restaurants in Nyhavn, not the cheapest with the best service, sill there is a reason why they are always packed and that is the amazing atmosphere. I want to remember making mother once again wait for her food (think she might be getting a bit sick at it) so that I could take a picture, however the album on my phone disagrees. Neither do I have a picture of the view, I guess it’s all about priorities as I do have a picture of this;DSC_0932With beer and food in our bellies we got into hiking mood and walked down to the Little Mermaid, a cute little thing that for a while in my life I passed several days of the week. It’s a bit different when it’s been a while since last.DSC_0933The little Mermaid was as far as we went before turning back and started our walk back towards the train station and the train home. It’s not a short walk though as you manage to walk past some amazing Copenhagen-should-sees and the camera is getting hot from all the pictures.

[Insert cool pictures here]

Again, I think it comes down to priorities, it was a hot dusty day, we did loads of walking, we needed a pit stop and I was thirsty.DSC_0935Not far from the pit stop we ran into a Frozen Yoghurt place, and since my sister got me hooked when we were in Stockholm, I just had to have one. Problem was that there was so much to choose from that it became a small one, I simply couldn’t make up my mind.DSC_0937DSC_0938After all that one could think that we would go home for an early night. Instead we headed to Fagans for dinner and my fav quiz night and did a pretty decent job, in my opinion. Then day came to an end, and what a day! It’s fun to have people visiting that haven’t been here before.

Ps. I sincerely apologize or the overuse of the word after in this post, I’m just too lazy to go back and change it.

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Brunch and afternoon

We might have slept in a bit this morning, and it might be such that it was more like after lunch than time for breakfast when we woke up, so for food we headed to a little Indian place.


Instead of sitting in, we opted for takeaway and a bench on the square where Mini Me Jr lives.



After getting some food into our tummies we headed to town where I could be a bit touristy.



As well as sitting down at one of the girls favorite café, that apparently also hosts theater plays that can be recommend. Since I don’t remember the name, location or have seen their plays, you figure it out, however it was a cool place.





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Krakow to Warsaw to Home

Thursday started with, you guessed it, another early morning. This morning started with a not so good hotel brekkie, where the coffee was totally instant and I couldn’t finish the cup.


Before I checked out of this hotel, I just had to take some pics of its old fashioned self, I mean the door even needed a key, I really mean a proper key, that you had to turn in the lock.

Key in the door Carpet Tiles

After the brekkie and the photo moment of the old fashioned hotel it was then time for the early morning reason, we were picked up for a trip to Auschwitz, something that will be getting it’s on post, for this post though; we were good little tourists running around whit the badge and all around our neck and got cheap microwaved lunch.



We returned back to Krakow after a 6,5hr ride and it was, due to our train schedule, time for dinner, the rain was pouring down at this stage still we managed to find a place that was out doors with some cover, and I know at least I would’ve loved it if the weather would’ve been nice.

Restaurant Dinner Beer

After “dinner” we went and got our bags from the hotel, walked down to the train station, and guess what! The train station in Krakow does have a Starbucks with Frappuccion happy hour, guess what I got!


Then it was train time again, and it was shown that the free coffee, tea, water with wafer that we got on the way down wasn’t a lucky thing, it’s something that they really do on the Polish trains.

Train coffe

Back in Warsaw we managed to find our way to the tram (not the easiest thing, I tell you) and made our way to the hotel without issue.


I still had a can of beer left that I had been carrying around for some days now, and did something that I have childhood memories of (sorry mum), beer in plastic cups in hotel rooms.

Last beer

After yet another early night (thought vacations where there for the other way around) we went home, however Warsaw gave me a beautiful goodbye.

Good morning


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Take off (second attempt)

The other day, while still in Poland, I spent loads of time writing a post and then trying to find a WiFi that was stable enough to upload. When I did, the post uploaded empty and all my text and pictures were gone, so I gave up on trying to blog during the vacation. So here goes, I hope it works this time!

* * *

Finally it was time for the real vacation to start, a little trip to Poland, a country that I never visited before. The trip started super early in the morning, I woke up at 5 am, with a 6:10 bus to the Malmö airport.

1. Departure 2. Morning coffee

The trip both to the airport and the flight went surprisingly smoothly for being me traveling, and after a quick taxi to the hotel that were kind enough to give us a room even if we arrived hours before check-in,we headed out.

First stop was a nice cold, cheap Polish beer and some salmon salad lunch at one of the touristy places closest to the hotel, still in the beautiful old town of Warsaw. And a cute little puppy guarding our table.

wpid-shot_1405933669254.jpg wpid-dsc_0044.jpg wpid-shot_1405934502341.jpg

Then the walking begun, I don’t know how much we walked during these days, but man my feet were hurting. I have also taken loads of pictures of beautiful buildings, fountains and the likes, I won’t bore you with all of them.

9. walking some more 10. Walking some more 6. Walking around 5. Walking around

Walking makes you thirsty, especially in the heat, and for the first time in my life I had a Spritzer that wasn’t made by Miss Legal, it was good however Miss Legal makes better ones. We also got a little after food drink even if we didn’t eat, unfortunately neither me or Lady T likes the taste of cherries if it isn’t actually a cherry so this wasn’t for us.

7. Spritzer 8. After spritzer drink

The walking then continued, and continued, and continued. Luckily enough we found a Starbucks so I could enjoy what would be the first of many, Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino.

StarbucksWhen we finally arrived back in the hotel in the afternoon, I just crashed into one little sweaty and tired pile of needing to sleep. I managed to get maybe an hour before waking up, starving for more food. So we walked back to the old town square for some more touristy food for dinner. We got two starters to share, after they arrived we realized that one to share was enough.

12. Starter 14. Starter 2 13. The restaurant

For dinner I tried the famous Polish Pirogi, or dumplings as they call them in English on the menu. I have to say that I expected something completely different, more like the pirogi I make at home rather than the dumplings that was on my plate. And since of course the cheese I had to start out with wasn’t enough, I also had cheese in my cheese and onion pirogi. They tasted better than expected and I could now say that I had tried some typical polish food.

16. Pirogi

We finished of this looooong day with a drink overlooking a beautiful square and a Palace. Warsaw is a very relaxed city and it was easy to let the shoulders down and just enjoy the beautiful evening.

me 17. Evening drink

I also have to mention that I totally appreciate the fact that right next to the hotel there was 24hr alcohol store, heaven for someone from Sweden with limited access to alcohol thanks to the government monopoly.

18. 24hr alcohol

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Take off

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