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A looooong day

I’ve been visiting Gotham this weekend, and since spending a Sunday eve on a train only to come home to an empty appartment is kind of depressing, I prefer the Monday morning train. Except for when the alarm goes of at 05:30 am…and today I didn’t manage to fall back to sleep when I sat down. So, after breakfast I started up the work PC and got at it.

Sometimes there is brekkie

Almost in chock when the train arrived in Malmö on time I headed over to work and did work stuff, you know those things you do at work; drink coffee, go for lunch, chat with those you work with, and oh! I think I saw an Excelsheet. And since I came from Gotham I couldn’t bring lunch, thus I had to go buy some…

After work I had plans to attend a seminar held by a person that I really want to hear what they have to say. I just suck at planning since getting up at 5:30am, train and work doesn’t bode well for 5:30pm plans, so I flagged it.

Then I realized that one of the reason why I like staying at my mums place is because she doesn’t have problems with the heating. Last night, I left the balcony door open for a few minutes while enjoying the fresh air, here I sit with my winter slippers on as well as a blankie because it’s freezing…!!!

Yup, it’s cold..

What better way to end a day like this than with frozen pizza on the couch in front of the telly watching crappy TV? None, my friends! See you all again tomorrow…right?!?

Total quality!!

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#16 2018 Early bird

Went for a big shop after work yesterday so now the fridge is full and there’s some real nice chili in the freezer.

That didn’t add to the joy of a super early morning.

Sitting on a train for a plane with my small coffee doing my best to not fall back asleep.

According to the app my flight is one minute delayed, as I really find that pushing it they better hope that there’s no additional delay!!

Wait, did I mention that I accidentally have FastTrack and lounge this morning, I guess a few extra minutes won’t hurt…

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#11 2018 One of THOSE days

Not much went my way today.

I didn’t get out of bed when I wanted to, even though the running is on and the mood is getting better, I’m still having troubles going to bed (no problem sleeping once I get there though). That creates problems in my scheduling as I naively think that tomorrow is the day…so I had to flag the running session I had planned.

So the morning rushed past, still managed my homemade smoothie though, at the home office before a visit to the ladies doctor (not my favourite, not as bad as the dentist but totally up there with things I don’t enjoy) who did her thing then promptly informed me that she’s about to retire. As I’m quite fond of the lady (even though she’s a ladies doctor) I didn’t take the news too well.


Then it was back home to pick up the stuff that I totally (not) packed last night before heading in to the office, where I promptly enjoyed my fantastic lunch.


The positive thing is that work is finally picking up again, the less positive is the Monday deadline that suddenly appeared. With a half-day planned tomorrow, that’s going to be interesting as the afternoon swished by.

Before finally sinking down in a comfy train seat I needed to pick up some more food and headed to Subway where I ended up behind the kind of people who stand in line for ever and still don’t know what they want when it’s their turn. Absolutely fantastic as my departure time got closer and closer.


I should’ve known there where no rush as there was no train once I hit the platform. And then there was no train, and no train. Well, after about 20 minutes the train arrived and we were allowed on. Delayed train on single track stretches are the death of me since you constantly end up behind slower trains…slooooow trains.

We finally arrived to Gotham about 51 minutes later than the original arrival time, with delays like that I rather it be a full hour, since then you at least get some money back on the ticket.

That delay also killed all hopes about a late nite run, as it was just too late and I was too tired. So I’ve just spent the rest of the night on mother dearest couch in front of the telly, with the hope of a better tomorrow that includes a run.

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Oh well

Pretty much the first sentence I wrote last week was for me to remember it’s not a sprint but more like a marathon.

I didn’t manage to eat the frog yesterday, or post something on the blog. Since 2010 and what went down then, a story I should probably share at some point, a small thing like yesterday and not reaching my goal for the day will pull me down completely.

To add to that I’m also on the last week of the magical chart of pills and that totally affect my mood. Still, I posted my positive thought of the day;

And even if I didn’t eat the frog I still brought my coffee as well as I did my job. I tried to be social in the evening, it just didn’t work and my couch once again became my best friend.

Today was a lovely morning, still sticking to the bring along coffee.

Had my positive thought.

And obviously updating the blog. And by the way, I also ate that damn frog today!!

In a couple of hours I’ll be at my mum’s, having the day off work tomorrow to accompany my grandmother to her little brothers funeral. I see it as quality time with grandma and mother dearest, what else can I do?

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Day 1 of da 7ns

I started with a bang and a whoop whoop, like always when I start something new. I always have to remind myself that it’s more like a marathon rather than a sprint and I should pace myself in the beginning.

That being said, I jumped out of bed when the first of three alarms went of. Poured my coffee as I remembered to get it ready last night, packed and made my train with 5 minutes to spare.

What I don’t get is how I manage to pack the same amount of stuff for a day as when I pack for a week…

The only damper on my parade is that I have to finish the coffee before the security check, damn i miss the old days sometimes.

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Birthday season part 2

A friend I got to know while studying philosophy in Lund, has now moved to Gotham and as she couldn’t make it to the birthday dinner I dragged her with for hockey on Thursday.

A game that I almost missed because some genius decided that calling the police saying there’s a bomb on a train was a good idea. Seriously, trainjinx deluxe as my friend said.

Well, I made it and I even remembered my hockey jersey, no picture, and Sweden won of the Czech with 5 to 2. Score!!!

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Guess where I am! 

Well, I’m starting this week doing one of my favorite things, or at least one of the things I spend loads of time doing; hanging on a train.

I’ve just finished breakfast and will now enjoy doing nothing as I’m currently not working from home. 

I’m on the big plus side when it comes to hours worked so for the rest of my trip I’ll enjoy the company of these.

Happy Monday ma peeps 🙂