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Feeling mighty pleased with myself :)

Ok, so the one post a day last week didn’t work out, I was to busy with the end of the World Cup and beer…which brought me to a Monday where I kept telling myself that I’m not 25 anymore. Need to remember that more often.

I also managed only one run last week, better than none and it started the running again. I managed yet another lunch-run today. So yes, I feel mighty pleased with myself.


In addition, after what feels like forever with heat, there was rain today. While I was running, it was just drizzling a bit so not too bad running weather. It cooled me off enough for generating a want of soup lunch.


I need to improve my knowledge about my stove, that can’t be counted as new anymore since it’s been a while since the grand kitchen renovation. It has some kind of lock mechanism that I don’t always realize how it activates, and since it happens so seldom it always take me a while to figure out how to unlock the damn thing. Not great when you are on a time schedule and need to get back to work.

Well, all good that ends well. Fingers crossed that get of my butt on Thursday for another run (and that Runkeeper is kinder to me then and stop cutting out).

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Merry long(er) walk to work Tuesday

So I’ve been complaining about having to short of a walk to work, to people. They just shake my their heads and tell me to walk a longer way to work. So today I did, wich also meant fancy pancy coffee.

Standing in the coffee place though, I remember why I like buying my coffee at 7/11, the boys there are better at service and it never takes as long! I just need to find an alternative longer walk to work, that still take me past the 7/11…maybe just do two laps or something.

Time to stop the whining and work! Later peeps!

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A not so exciting day

Still doing training this week, that means stuck in a small room with the same people all week and not that much happening. Yes, we have fun, we are bored, we learn, we are being smart – it’s all internal though, not for sharing. Don’t get disappointed if all you get tomorrow is a picture of the budget, or even worse a three-day overview later this week.

Today, I snuck out of training a bit early for a meeting, got a bit frustrated as some people just wants things delivered without having to work for it and that is not my job…not a waitress. Then finally, after a whole week, got to hang out with my favourite teacher again, and tonight it was a healthy conversation. Maybe I just don’t want to hear it all at sometimes, I do listen though.

However, today’s spend is right here…

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7 things one can do on a Tuesday night

Just because I am sitting at home by my self not feeling too tired at all I can just let you all know what I am up to when I’m not out living the high life with my friends.

#1 Stay late at work to finish up things after a three-hour session with your colleagues.

#2 End up on a rather slow train (or it might just have felt like it because I really, really wanted to just be home.

#3 Stop by the expensive grocery store at the Central Station, since you are hungry and too lazy to leave the apartment once you get home. Did mange to get out of there with not too many unnecessary items today.

#4 Spend about an hour trying to connect both your private PC and your work PC to internet without getting it to work. Only to realize that the reason it didn’t work was because of the two different sources of internet you where trying to use. Does however work with only one source/PC at a time.

#5 Send out e-mails to your co-workers only to realize that they will now figure out that you do not have a life, since you are sending work mails between 21:00 and 23:00 (that’s the time I promised myself I will stop working at).

#6 Remember that you were hungry and make a kick-ass chili while thinking out smart ways of improving processes.

#7 Up-date your blog with totally uninteresting stuff (like that would be a change compared to all the other posts).