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Nap time

Up and about early this morn, I dragged my travel companion to IHOP for some proper brekkie. Knowing his need for walking, walking and more walking, I knew I needed it.

Once brekkie was done we started our trek towards the strip. You see, we are staying in a big hotel with a view and a casino, a cheap big hotel with a casino. That mean we live in downtown Las Vegas rather than right smack in the middle and with a 30 minute (might have been more) walk to get there.

We do live next door to an Elvis chapel though.

So now I’ve seen all the important casinos.

Hells kitchen.

I’ve tried some local brews.

Accidentally had lunch at Markie Mark’s restaurant.

Then a long walk back (while Mr Grumpy II kept walking to find some Las Vegas sign) in scorching heat. Sometimes taking the time to figure out the buss or jump into a taxi might be worth it, especially if it’s 40 degrees outside. The heat in combination with lack of sleep made me a very unhappy camper. After a long cold shower it was totally nap time.

Had a couple of lovely hours sleeping this afternoon. Always good to get your energy back so you can enjoy the pool bar and gambling without passing out.

A bit before midnight, and not much broker than before the casino, it’s now time for bed. Tomorrow it’s time for the helicopter, probably what I’ve been looking forward to the most with this trip.

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#15 2018 The trainjinx strikes again

Last night I was lulled into a false sense of security as the train left on time and the trip went real smooth, until…right outside of Lund which is about ten minutes out from home station. All of the sudden the train just stopped, and we ended up standing still for about half an hour before rolling again. Thus, a late arrival home with 35 minutes.


I have started counting the time spent due to delayed trains, it’s going to be interesting to see how much it actually adds up to. If you are reading this on a mobile device you can see the total at the end of the post, on a computer it’s on your top right hand side.

Delayed trains

This morning I had to get out of bed even if I easily could have slept another hour (always have some troubles sleeping when arriving home late on the train, adding on to the normal problems with falling asleep that I have) in order to walk to the police station and get myself a national ID card.


I will be travelling to Germany pretty much every other week this spring and I don’t want to have to remember my passport every time.

Before heading out the door I did, in my very sleepy state, remember the smoothie and coffee. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it…healthy and economical and all.



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I’m trying…

So, one of the reasons that I want myself to do the long way home from work is so don’t I go down to the corner bar on my way home. How do I explain this…?

For me, a ten minute walk home from work is not enough to let work go and be able to be home (if that make sense) so I end up going down to the corner bar to get my distance. It’s a two edge situation as it gives me the chance to let go of work, do something else and chill. The other part is that I have a tendency do drink a beer or a glass of wine, or two. Here in Sweden it’s not an acceptable behaviour as you shouldn’t drink during the week, only get absolutely wasted during Friday and Saturday night instead. Anyhow…

Baseline is that I feel that I need a break, however, I miss having a pet and some nights I get to hang out with this lovely being;


She kind of make it ok. There’s also other human beings there that are fun interesting people who make my life more enjoyable. It’s just the Lutheran in me that make the whole situation an issue.

Well, I went home and the plan was to make this post a proper food cooking one, so I’ve been taking step by step pictures of my cooking. Thus, even though it started with a confession of my bad habits it’s now going to turn into a Salmon dinner cooking show.

The ingredients;

IMG_20171213_204601.jpgCut up the Salmon and surround it with yummy stuff;


That goes into the Owen while you cook the condiments, in this case, raw rice;

20 minutes it’s all done!

And now I would put it into nice lunch boxes if I had any left, I don’t know where they all gone…well maybe since I’m having troubles finding place in the freezer I guess most of them are in there.


Ok, at least I have one…and I put it on my wish list for Christmas so if I’m lucky Santa will bring me some more.



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And they walked some more

Guess how we started the day? Yes, eating hotel brekkie for the sole reason of me annoying someone on social media.

I kind of dig the tables in the brekkie room at this hotel;

After breakfast we started walking towards the Vatican.

The Vatican is one of those places with too much people, too many people trying to sell stuff and lines that never ends…we didn’t stay to long, only to take some pictures and being able to say we have been there.

Stopping for lunch eating some pasta, even bad pasta is good in this place.

Then we walked some more before stopping for ice-cream.

When you are travelling with small people you need to go back to the hotel before dinner in the evening. Once it was time for food we headed back to an area of small roads and cute restaurants that we discovered earlier.

One last night of Italian pasta 🙂

Then we hit the sack, totally worne out. I love my sister, I really do! Still, I have 2 1/2 weeks left of my vacation and the one thing I won’t be doing is walking!!!

Peace out.

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And they walked

After I posted the obligatory hotel brekkie picture on Insta/Facebook (always annoys someone) we started walking. I know this will happen when I travel with my sister, and still my body goes into chock from all the activity everytime.

I took so many pictures it’s hard to choose. We started at the Pantheon;

Then there was a big white building;

Lunch at a touristy place;

The Colosseum;

Old stuff;

Red wine at the hotel;

The famous fontaine;


Finished by cocktails at the hotel;

Too tired to update any blog last night. Now we’re out walking again…

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Merry long(er) walk to work Tuesday

So I’ve been complaining about having to short of a walk to work, to people. They just shake my their heads and tell me to walk a longer way to work. So today I did, wich also meant fancy pancy coffee.

Standing in the coffee place though, I remember why I like buying my coffee at 7/11, the boys there are better at service and it never takes as long! I just need to find an alternative longer walk to work, that still take me past the 7/11…maybe just do two laps or something.

Time to stop the whining and work! Later peeps!

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A Saturday without plans 

Passed out on the couch last night and woke up early this morning. No offense to Mr Grumpy II, however his couch isn’t as nice to spend a whole Saturday on as mine so I left. Starting with breakfast, something I heard is the most important meal of the day.

I then realized how expensive my life would be if I didn’t fill it with things to do, as I did some almost shopping (good thing I didn’t as I found discount coupons in the mail when home later in the day, so might do actual shopping tomorrow). 

After not shopping for a little while longer I sat down with a coffee and a book.

The book is so good and the chair was so comfortable that three hours later I was still sitting there. The tummy started to make funny noices, seemingly wanting more food even though it got breakfast. After a lame attempt to find dinner companions I decided to just go by myself. That way I could keep reading my book. 

After checking out my kitchen (soon done then you’ll get to see it) I ended up where one always seem to end up, on the corner.

Sitting here, I’m now trying to make up my mind; the movies and Bridget Jones baby or via the grocery store and pig out on the couch.