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I’m happy it’s vacay time!

This morning was a depressing wake-up, yes the coffee was made and the aroma was fantastic, then I looked outside. Grey, and rain, and cold, thus a good thing that vacay is coming up so I can get some heat…and rain according to the weather prognosis.

If one should focus on the positives instead, I finally got to wear my mustard colored rain jacket. I absolutely LOVE the color mustard and the jacket, I was longing for it all last year but thought it was too expensive and then came Christmas sales; half price, whoop! whoop! It has just been too cold to wear it until now.

It was Colonel Mustard
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BBQ with the old gang

Facebook is a pretty amazing thing, all of a sudden there is an invite for a BBQ over in Copenhagen with the old crowd. How can I turn that invite down? Well, first I had to rearrange the arrival of mother dearest, I did invite her to come along however she opted for arriving a day later instead.

As the BBQ was on my first day of vacation, I was a bit late arriving but as the boys had had some trouble getting the fires started it wasn’t a problem. Both the train gods and the weather gods seemed in a good mood, so I arrived without hassle to blue skies.

I was a bit bad at taking pictures, or most of the pictures I took aren’t appropriate to share here. I spent the most of the time just chatting away with people I haven’t seen in ages. Apparently I haven’t seen some of them in two years!!

The BBQ ended with some fireworks, not that dark outside as there where children that needed to go home and sleep so you can’t wait until the Scandinavian summer skies are dark. Strange how many little people are now taking part of these get-together’s, times are a changing.
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What a swell weekend

Even though I enjoy being out and about on planes and trains, and the destinations they take me to, some times a proper stay-at-home weekend beats all. After my Friday dinner I went home, closed my front door and didn’t open it again for the whole weekend. The weather Gods were not on my side as the presented me with fine weather on Saturday day morning.


Nothing could get me of track from enjoying the fruits of being back on a fulltime job and a weekend without plans. Part of my food shopping spree on Friday was fresh bagles and smoked salmon, so I’ve had luxury brekkies;


Enjoyed a couple of the books from the weeks book delivery;



A couple of my favorite snacks have been partaken while having a So You Think You Can Dance Marathon, tomato & mozzarella and chips and dip, score!!


Then of course, frozen pizza!


It’s been a heavenly weekend and waking up this morning I feel fresh and ready for the week, a week that will see a few of my colleagues returning from their vacations so the tempo at work might pick up a bit (I hope!).

Have a fab week ma peeps!

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The day started not so early with a cup of coffee and walking the dog.


Me and Mini Me Jr then jumped a swift fast moving metro train to meet up with Lady D. She happens to live close to the beach and the day happened to bring with it some fabulous weather, perfect combo or what?



We decided to sit down and fill our tummies (yes mum, with food as well) at a restaurant that was located right on the beach.


They had lovely white wine and a goat cheese salad to die for!



Of course we are Maniana style, i.e for quite some time, before heading back to Gracia. And that’s just the start of the day ma peeps!

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I packed like a girl!

The aim for today’s travel easy to pack as little as possible, however I’m travelling to two different cities with differences in climate,  and I’m attending a wedding, thus I packed too much! There are some space left for shopping even though travelling on a student budget means that not that much shopping can be done.

wpid-shot_1412144856182.jpgIt’s amazing how much easier it is to get up in the morning when you are going on vacation rather than to school and work, household chores also happen with a much greater speed than usual. So I manged to get up when the alarm went of, finish my packing and dishes and still be out of the house in time to make an earlier train.

The trip over to Copenhagen went smooth, so did check-in and security, so without stress I could get some breakfast and my second favorite magazine, that happens to be danish and something I treat myself to when I’m visiting.wpid-shot_1412148015332.jpgwpid-shot_1412148553802.jpgI now have a 17 hour trip ahead of me, the things one do to save some money on the flight. I also have a cold, which ain’t fun at all, fingers crossed my eardrum doesn’t feel like bursting today. All in all, can’t say I’m too unhappy about leaving this weather  behind. wpid-shot_1412146843041.jpgwpid-shot_1412147969807.jpg

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To the summer-house

After another job I didn’t get I decided to jump on the train and join mother dearest at the summer-house, but not until I spent the night at a bar together with my sister, her hubby and their friends. I have to admit that getting out of bed this morning was though, and I ended up having only one hour to get ready before getting on the train, it was though but I made it! I didn’t have time for brekkie or even coffee before leaving so my first goal was the restaurant on board, one yummy brunch;BrunchIt also includes one of the last free train coffee’s in a long time, not fun at all because that coffee is not really worth paying money for. I spent the whole trip in the quiet compartment, and in the spirit of quietness I spent my time with a book rather than my phone or computer, I just wish it was a better book! I will get through it though since it’s for the GP Book club.

Once I made it to the summer-house, I was allowed another cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun before I was given these;GlovesThere was work to be done! So I changed my flip-flops to my super sexy rain boots, and got sawing away (girls and their toys, right?);Sexy boots Saw SceneryLast year we cut down a whole bunch of big birches, and we are still working on making the large bits into smaller bits so they can go together with all the other small bits that we use for the fireplace when it gets a bit colder. Today it was 27 degrees and no need for them at all!Chopped woodSince I was still suffering a bit from last night, and suffering a little bit from the heat, I quickly volunteered when it was time for dinner, so tonight I have been the BBQ master.Beautiful grilling The BBQIt’s not really hard work in such a beautiful setting at all! However, while the pork chops were grilling away, I prepared a salad and brought out my leftover potatoes for another beautiful dinner. I ate so much that I can’t really understand how the potato chips that I’m chewing down now can find a place to hang-out.Salad to be The table The plateNow I’m just hanging on the couch watching the Swedish ladies whip Finland’s butt in the European Cup! Awesome ending to a real nice day!

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Another one bites the dust!

This Thursday morning started with another “Thank you for your application, however we have decided to move forward with other applicants” mail, the type of mail I am fairly sick of  receiving! At least let me come for an interview people, so you can meet me and understand just how awesome I am!!

It is getting frustrating to not even be called for interviews, I am dying for something to do during the days just to activate my brain a bit, it feels like it’s melting away and deteriorating. I don’t really care that much as to what the job would be at this point, just anything would be awesome. However, the people who employ people for jobs have a serious attitude towards the whole over-qualified vs under-qualified issue and it seems to appear that for all the jobs out there I’m one of those two, never just qualified.

I know, all I can do is keep applying and applying and applying and one of these days there will be someone who wants to hire me and then I will be the happiest camper on this planet. Until then I will continue to try to fill my days so the lack of socializing with colleagues doesn’t become to apparent. Like today, I think that I will move some furniture around in my apartment, thinking to move my comfy chair from the living room to the bedroom and make a reading corner in there. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t help that I’m living of my vacation pay, I have been trying to get in contact with the union for some unemployment benefits, it seems that their response time aren’t the quickest. So in order to make my vacation pay last for as long as possible I’m now living on the same level as the poor swedish students, this year for real not like last time when it was by choice. I wont complain, I have enough for food and I have generous friends, it would however be nice to be able to do some excursions and the like when the weather is amazing and I have all this free time. Maybe I should spend the day going through my stuff and see if I can sell any of it…

Oh well, guess the time for ranting is over! Thanks for listening and you have an awesome day!