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Feeling mighty pleased with myself :)

Ok, so the one post a day last week didn’t work out, I was to busy with the end of the World Cup and beer…which brought me to a Monday where I kept telling myself that I’m not 25 anymore. Need to remember that more often.

I also managed only one run last week, better than none and it started the running again. I managed yet another lunch-run today. So yes, I feel mighty pleased with myself.


In addition, after what feels like forever with heat, there was rain today. While I was running, it was just drizzling a bit so not too bad running weather. It cooled me off enough for generating a want of soup lunch.


I need to improve my knowledge about my stove, that can’t be counted as new anymore since it’s been a while since the grand kitchen renovation. It has some kind of lock mechanism that I don’t always realize how it activates, and since it happens so seldom it always take me a while to figure out how to unlock the damn thing. Not great when you are on a time schedule and need to get back to work.

Well, all good that ends well. Fingers crossed that get of my butt on Thursday for another run (and that Runkeeper is kinder to me then and stop cutting out).

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Food, food and more food

One of the first things that goes when the mood goes is my appetite, thus a day like today makes me see the light…

I had my monthly date with my replacement who’s an awesome person, (and not saying this because I know she reads the blog at times, I really wish that I could’ve worked together with her rather than she replacing me and she’s becoming a good friend as well…) and we hit a place called Rosegarden which is all you can eat for a fair penny.

How about some sushi…

IMG_20180104_113538.jpgSome soup with boil your own noodles and put what you want in it (beware of the chili, it’s chili-like)…


Any why not top it off with some other yum stuff…

IMG_20180104_115917.jpgAnd oh my god, they have an ice cream machine…next time I might just go there only for the ice cream!!

IMG_20180104_121202.jpgAnd that was only my lunch.

After that I went back to work, and hear this, actually worked. It’s been a bit slow for me for a while, which doesn’t suit my personality what so ever so it’s nice that it’s starting to pick back up. Good for my mood and all that jazz…

Then I lured Mr Grumpy II out of hiding to break my not chosen white month.

What happened is that the corner bar is closed for renovation and loads of people around me are doing the new year, new habits thing. So no after work chill, unless you lure them with comments like; “mind watching me drink a glass of wine at xxx bar”. It worked 🙂

IMG_20180104_172951.jpgI know it’s good for the Debbie Downer to not indulge in alcoholic brevages so I’m not complaining really. It’s nice to have a wind down after work though.

Then going home being to lazy to cook I ordered in some more, can you guess? Yes!! Food…

Do like my mexican, and happy that I’m with an appetite. Thinking that I let my work situation rule to much of my emotional world though. If work is good, I’m good, if work isn’t, I’m not. Think that something that needs to change.


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A pretty normal Monday…with a twist

So I woke up, then I went back to sleep, and was late to work again, kind of the norm for me at the moment (it can be a very long blog post all by it self that no one would read because it would be without pictures), and my counsellor told me to accept it and go with the flow until 2018.

I managed to get my “I’m a grown-up that go to work in Sweden” kit with me, coffee, smoothie and lunch. Yey!

IMG_20171218_102237.jpgAt work I did work stuff, then it was time for lunch, a part of my work kit, and seriously we have a good view from the canteen area at work so it’s a nice place to eat in.

Salmon with red onions and loads of honey, yum!

IMG_20171218_115500.jpgAfter some more work stuff (not telling you guys where I work, what I do and how I feel about it makes it hard to do everyday blogging…) I went to prep for tomorrow night where I invited the colleagues in my team for wine at my place. So red wine, white wine and a few beers, because it’s always the one person that don’t want the wine at wine evenings.

I also went to buy some snacks and learned something new!

The store I went to have self check-out and not wanting to be social I always aim for that one. At this point I had the wine and beers in the shopping basket as well. And as any person would do, you put the shopping basket on the bench, scan the stuff and then pay. I got a red light and had to wait for someone in the staff to come and ok me, because apparently there’s a scale in the bench and the weight of my basket (wine and beer bottles) didn’t match what I scanned.

IMG_20171218_170348.jpgNote to oneself, don’t do that again because waiting for people who don’t really know what they are doing is annoying.

Then there was one thing left on my to do list outside of home, pay for the Christmas party at the local, so I did and I sat down because there’s also one thing left on my at home to do list…clean.

So yes, there was wine involved even tonight…

IMG_20171218_172707.jpgAnd now I’m home, blogging instead of cleaning and pretty sure I’m going to find one million other things to do before the clean, then I’m going to be late to work in the morning because I have to do it before I go since they are coming back with me from work.

Remember point 2 from this mornings sevens!!!

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Oh, wow, that was fun…

I have to admit that I appreciated terminal 1 in Rome, even more so when I arrived at my next airport.

If you ever find yourself with some spare time in Europe, stay away from the Airport in Milano. To be honest I’m happy I’m still awake.

Starting out with arriving early, not the airports fault I know, and then not being able to check-in for my next flight, I was forced to do things like this;

And this;

And this again;

Then, after a couple of hours doing this and that, and running low on batteries on both devices, the check-in finally opened.

The inside of the airport is as dark, dirty and depressing as the outside. However I found a place with two important qualities, firstly this;

And then this;

By now I only have an hour left until my flight to Brussels leave, and after the (cheap) downtime I had, I’m guessing that I’ll sleep well on the plane.

Chat to you again in Brussels ma peeps.

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What to say?

Today haa been one of those days that makes it hard to do this blogging thing. I woke up (not a whoop and a jump but still not too late), got my coffee going, got dressed and headed to work. Cue picture;

Played with my computer, ate lunch and had some meetings. Then I went home…

…or maybe to my second home for a big glass of red wine, because it was a red wine kinda day. Then I got hungry and and confused, what did I wanna eat…cue picture;

My cheap, I’ve spent too much money brain made a decision and pizza it was. However, that gave me the positive thought for today. Even though I don’t want to spend the money, I have a choice. Cue picture;

The rest of the evening has been spent infront of da telly as one of my colleagues is participating in this years Swedish Idol. Yes, I now wach Idol and I voted. So did probably the rest of the office as he went through to the live thing tomorrow 🙂 Guess I know what I’ll be doing this fall…

It might not even be 11 yet, still I’m hitting the sack. Good night ma peeps.

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Oh what a day (again, know I keep having them)

I left you with this mornings chaos and the interesting findings in my bag. The day that ensued has been intense.

The plane landed ten minutes early, not sure how that happened, I reached the platform for the train that would bring me to the city a minute before the train arrived on the platform. There was power outlets on the train so I could properly charge my work phone during the extremely smooth trip to the city.

All of the sudden I had plenty of time so I could take my time navigating the central station of The Capitol in order to find the metro that will take me to the hotel and course location. Still I arrived half an hour early, the hotel could give me my room straight away so I could drop my stuff of and breath before the course started.

The nice thing about paid for courses are that they start with morning fika before getting into it.


We are a group of seven people, no young newbies so loads of interesting conversations and so much knowledge. I really learned loads today.

Once the day finished in school I had a very good excuse to go shopping, fresh top and all that since I didn’t manage to pack properly this morning. And to be real honest, I have to do laundry. No matter how many tops I buy it feels like I never have any clean 😦

After shopping I just needed to wind down, and the hotel had the perfect spot for it.


At also seem like I’m in the Mekka of uniformed men, so loads to look at outside those windows. The only smolk this eve was the fact that the dinner food served at the hotel was the same that they served for lunch today (yes they got to hear all about it).


I forgave them when I saw the ice cream.


With such a day winding down isn’t real easy for me, I’m now enjoying a cuppa and Jon Henrik. If you don’t know him you should YouTube Jon Henrik Fjällgren, his Jojks are pretty awesome and good for the soul.


Peace out my peeps!

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A Saturday without plans 

Passed out on the couch last night and woke up early this morning. No offense to Mr Grumpy II, however his couch isn’t as nice to spend a whole Saturday on as mine so I left. Starting with breakfast, something I heard is the most important meal of the day.

I then realized how expensive my life would be if I didn’t fill it with things to do, as I did some almost shopping (good thing I didn’t as I found discount coupons in the mail when home later in the day, so might do actual shopping tomorrow). 

After not shopping for a little while longer I sat down with a coffee and a book.

The book is so good and the chair was so comfortable that three hours later I was still sitting there. The tummy started to make funny noices, seemingly wanting more food even though it got breakfast. After a lame attempt to find dinner companions I decided to just go by myself. That way I could keep reading my book. 

After checking out my kitchen (soon done then you’ll get to see it) I ended up where one always seem to end up, on the corner.

Sitting here, I’m now trying to make up my mind; the movies and Bridget Jones baby or via the grocery store and pig out on the couch.