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Silly me, I thought it would be red

After my chill morning I took a slow walk to work with my left over coffee. Can’t say that the day was filled with fun and joy and when it was time for lunch my poor hormonal, nicotine monster of a booty had burger cravings out of this world. Lucky me my colleagues where willing to oblige me and I got to enjoy a yum yum Surf Shack burger for lunch. img_20160824_121928.jpg

The afternoon continued the same way the day started so I was happy about getting out of work at such time that I could pick up my bike – no longer with a flat tyre, yey.dsc_0146.jpg

Today was to be a day of rest from working out, I mean, the booty is happy with all the running and exercise still it need time off as well.

I wasn’t able to stay at home so I went to the ever so nice Åhlens with their fab opening hours and large selection of things I want but do not need. It’s a good distraction and today I manged to get out of there with only things I needed when I went in, that is a big feat. Then on my way back home, I managed another fantastic feat when I entered the nice little grocery store for a salad dinner and came out of there with salad and beer sticks, only!!!dsc_0151.jpg

With no working out or running, I still felt restless so I figured it was time for the fall fur even if summer is back visiting. And because my hair has grown so much since the last bleach that it’s starting to look bad and I’m so just sick of the bleach. It burns and itches so time for a break.

Here are some before, during and after pictures (and I know I need to practise my selfie skills, I hope you forgive me).20160824_215010.jpgdsc_0156.jpgdsc_0162.jpg

This is what the box looks like, so I kind of thought that the dye would give me a tad bit more towards the reddish side…I guess I was wrong. Or maybe it will shine, shimmer and glisten in red when I walk out in the sun tomorrow, I will check and revert.