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In time of need even the most dedicated android girl will go apple

Due to this girls clumsiness her phone completely died a while back. With a lack of funds the option of purchasing a new phone was out of the question and with just a very old, her very first, smartphone available her life has been tough. It appears that Facebook and Twitter are pretty much the only ones that support their old apps, nothing else have been working and due to that she has felt very cut of from the rest of the world.
Magically enough, one of her friends had an older version of iPhone to spare for a while, so now she’s on iPhone. There will be a transition period to get used to it, remember what apps that’s needed and the different layout of things. The most important thing is that the girl is back on line!1418949376380-1045440102
I also do realize how sadly addicted I’ve become to the availability of having a smartphone, however the addiction is more for me to be able to go online rather than being available to other people. That must at least be a good thing! Or maybe really sad…