The hunt for yummy Sushi

After the success with my hunt for the best Fish n’ Chips in Copenhagen it’s now time to move on. As I don’t live in Copenhagen anymore and the old F&C crew never come for a visit, it’s not really the same. So instead of keep doing something that doesn’t feel right without Mr Grumpy and Da Teacher, me and my favourite Latte Mum came up with finding the best location for the food that we eat every time we meet anyhow, Sushi!

So we are now aiming to eat at as many Sushi places in the Malmö/Lund area as possible and grade them. We have decided to grade as per the following criteria, where a five is the best and one is the worst that you can get giving us a possible total score of 35.

  • The Miso soup
  • The Edamame beans – how well they are cooked
  • The rice to fish ratio – here we are looking for more fish than rice
  • The quality of the fish
  • The quality of the rice
  • The service
  • The atmosphere

For the Fish and Chips I also did a comparison of the price, this is a bit trickier with the Sushi, so the total price will be an average of the price per piece with the cost of Miso soup and Edamame beans added on. Clicking on the name of the restaurant under the Sushi title will bring you to the restaurants webpage, clicking the name under the Price title will bring you to the review of that restaurant.

Sushi Points Price SEK
1. Restaurang Hai 21,5 Zen Sushi 6,82
2. Sushido Rörsjöstaden 19,5 Rå Epok 12,25
3. Rå Epok 17,5 Sushido Rörsjöstaden 12,27
4. Zen Sushi 13,0 Restaurang Hai 18,08

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